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Lanzhou electric tools sampling inspection pass rate of 94.6%

    Q3 Quality Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, on regular track power tools product quality supervision and inspection of the product showed a pass rate of 94.6% sample tests,booster cables compared to last year dropped by 4.6 percentage points.

    The supervision and inspection of the distribution of Lanzhou City, 61 companies of 74 batches of power equipment products, mainly on the signs, start, electric shock protection,battery clip leakage current, moisture resistance, electrical strength, mechanical strength, mechanical hazards, internal wiring, structure, power connection and external flexible cables and cords, outside the wire terminals, electrical creepage distance gap, screws and connectors,tow rope power cord length and 16 shield inspection indicators have been tested.

    The test results showed that most of the good quality power tool products, 57 companies qualified for 70 batches, 4 batches of product quality does not meet the standards,ratchet tie dowm the main problem is that there are three batches of the product Power connection and external flexible cables and cords items not up to standard requirements. Standard power connection and external flexible cables and power cords in the cross-sectional area ≥ 0.75mm2, cross-sectional area if the power cord standard, easy to fire caused by power line fever, leakage and so on, while the operator is also latent insecurity factors , and substandard products in the measured values were between 0.48-0.70mm2. In addition, a batch of the product's power cord length options failed. Standard power cord length is ≥ 2.5m, the measured value of 1.9m, lead to reduction in the level of product quality, safety can not be guaranteed.

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