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Expert: Hybrid Vehicle Battery is the biggest challenge

    Vehicle emission reduction has become the driving force behind the development of automotive electronics, with the increasing oil supply shortage and growing environmental pollution, electric cars such as electricity-powered vehicles,booster cables with its energy saving and environmental protection advantages of becoming a concern to the industry focus.
    However, even though electric cars have many advantages,battery clip but it is a time but can not replace the traditional gas powered model, so the hybrid car is the new clean electric vehicle industry and marketization of the most promising models. However, the battery, cost, reliability, tow rope life, more complex environment, the requirements of high-voltage power devices for automotive manufacturers and many other issues facing many problems.

    Infineon Technologies (China) Limited's automotive electronics business,ratchet tie dowm senior marketing engineer Caohong Yu pointed out: At present the main challenges of hybrid cars from two aspects: one is the traditional electric power system and coordination between the systems; the other is need to control the conditions in the cost to meet the automotive environment in the reliability of complex application requirements.

    Cao Hongyu: Hybrid Vehicle A major challenge is the traditional power systems and electric systems of coordination.

    Fairchild, senior manager of global automotive markets Hans-PeterHoenes believes that a major hybrid vehicle design challenges, is very low cost to create a very complex but highly reliable system.

    "Electric cars can be divided into three categories: hybrid, fuel cell and electric vehicles. Electric vehicles there is a universal problem - the battery, the battery in the existing problems in the future to the possibility of mass production the largest is the hybrid. than hybrid and conventional engine technology increases in three parts, one vehicle control, and second, battery management, third, motor control. "Freescale's automotive electronics engineering manager in China, said Kang Xiaodun .

    Kang Xiaodui: battery technology is the key to hybrid cars, batteries account for the cost of the vehicle 1 / 3 or more.

    Hybrid vehicles are divided into light (micro) mixed with full hybrid vehicles, the challenges they face are different.

    Light mixed with the different challenges facing the whole mix.

    Cao Hongyu analyzed, micro-hybrid system and the full hybrid system in the system structure is very different, it is not only the motor system, the numerical difference between the total percentage of power is important that quantitative changes in the structure caused by vehicles. Micro-hybrid system to achieve start-stop function normally, the whole hybrid system requires no engine powered vehicles in the case still has some life skills. Because the system greatly increased the degree of coupling, the whole hybrid system structure is more complex, more challenges on the design.

    Hans-PeterHoenes is analyzed, for mild hybrid vehicles, the chassis (the basic design) is still the traditional automotive design, usually in a normal car on the integration of hybrid characteristics. As the chassis (the basic design) design has been set, the additional needs of all systems must be able to facilitate this. However, this is not always the best technical solution, so far the biggest challenge in this regard is the integration of mechanical and electrical integration. In other words, the design requires minimum space requirements. The full use of hybrid cars, the whole design needs to change not only the power train, chassis and even had to optimized for hybrid propulsion. A good design should be designed around the automotive powertrain, while the traditional program is to design cars, but the engine placed in the "somewhere." This is a complete change in the concept of design thinking, because the drive system decided, or at least greatly affect the car's shape and appearance.

    "The biggest challenge facing the design work is the lack of high-power electric drive under high pressure (high pressure-driven high-power motors) has extensive experience in the automotive engineer. As a result of conditions and conventional vehicles are different, so even in the field of industrial drives experienced senior consultant, can offer very limited help. "Hoenes said. Fairchild not only has a discrete power technology, as well as gate driver IC and other ICs. This not only applies to low voltage, but also covers the full voltage range up to 1200V. This module integration allows customers to get fully tested to optimize power level, to address the many related parasitic and device interaction design issues.

    Motor control challenges.

    In motor control, Cao Hongyu main difficulty is that cars must meet the level of reliability requirements, while appropriate to consider the cost of implementation. High-power drive system also need to consider the electromagnetic interference and noise caused by the impact. If you are using industrial-grade device although the initial period of no major problems, but over time, along with a device destined to produce failure, will give manufacturers the brand image and the incalculable loss of reputation, "so we recommend automotive-grade devices, can effectively guarantee the life of the vehicle system reliability. "he said. "As a leading supplier of power devices, Infineon has a strong system of experience and many experts team, which can better understand the specific needs of customers, even helping customers find the hidden details of the system under the requirements of applications."

    Infineon offers the industry's leading automotive high-power density modules HP1 (hybridpack1) HP2 (hybridpack2), the ultra-small size, best suit the limitations of space vehicle systems. HP1 weight 485g (72x140x17mm) 3 half-bridge design one, 650V400A maximum drive capacity for less than 20-30KW motor applications. HP2 (106.5x48.5x20.5mm) weight 1250g, even based on the direct water cooling especially designed to meet the 80-100KW 650V800A module motor applications.

    Microchip Automotive Products Group Automotive Marketing Manager Chen Songen that: "In the hybrid electric vehicle, motor control, steering control and battery for cooling and other key subsystem is critical. Brushless DC (BLDC) motors due to small size, controllability and high efficiency The widely used. brushless DC motors increasingly being used to eliminate the belts and hydraulic systems, providing additional features and improved mileage. magnet costs continued to decline and brushless DC motor control electronics required for the steady decline in led to its being used more and more cars, the power level is also rising. "

    Chen Songen went on to explain, brushless DC motors are usually with one or more of the rotor position sensor used, because their electrical excitation must be synchronized with the rotor position. Because of cost, reliability and mechanical packaging reasons, especially if the motor need to being immersed in a fluid, preferably in the case of sensorless brushless DC motor running - that is, without the sensor operation. Sensor-motor lower cost, because no sensors, but the driver is more complex. Sensor-motor hybrid vehicle battery cooling system has excellent performance, this time do not start and stop the motor. "Automotive system designers embedded in the changing environment facing the need to develop cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. Low-power micro-controller is an important device to meet the demanding requirements, which can increase the cost of lower reliability of the system in a small package Shiying smaller board space, and require no external components. In addition, you can have the socket, software and peripheral compatibility of the micro-controller architecture provides designers with great flexibility, enabling them to shorten the development time and reduce costs. Microchip Technology offers a variety of microcontrollers and DSC, to face the challenges of hybrid demand for automotive electronics designers is the best solution. "

    In the powertrain systems, Cao Hongyu think the biggest challenge is how to coordinate the motor system and the traditional power system operation, give the user a better driving experience. The improvement of efficiency of the system mainly from the following aspects: improving the efficiency of motor systems, braking energy feedback rate, reduce the efficiency of the engine at low speed range operation and so on.

    For motor control, Freescale Kangxiao Dun said, "Freescale is the gasoline engine management electronics global leader in the field. We offer advanced embedded controllers, sensor technology, power management components and power brake drive, so that the new vehicle more economical, and protect the environment. we are continuing to engine control technology into electric vehicle control and management, and Freescale processors based on PowerArchitecture MPC55/56xx series offers many of the most advanced engine control, vehicle management, motor drive, battery management solutions. "

    Battery management faces the greatest challenge.

    In the (full) hybrid car, the battery is the most expensive, but also the most vulnerable parts fine. Although the advantages of lithium batteries with high power density, but for the development of hybrid vehicles batteries, there is still much work to be done. In this case, the next few years, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery will remain more and more widely used.

    Hans-PeterHoenes pointed out that to achieve the fast charge without damage (injury) batteries, designers need a very precise charge (charge) control technology. Although the micro-controller integrated intelligent programming algorithm is basically a software solution, but Fairchild's focus is still on the hardware. To avoid interference with power lines during charging, a good power factor correction solutions is essential, even in part because of regulatory requirements. Fairchild has a wide range of control IC product portfolio, combined with Neizhi with soft recovery rectifiers (performance of the rectifier diode) and low saturation voltage IGBT, can provide a complete solution.

    In battery management, Cao Hongyu Li-ion battery that has a dynamic balance of Infineon patent applications, can reduce the differences between each other, to effectively improve the efficiency and battery life. The patent is that it can discharge the battery is charging or idle power balance at any time to implement, very suitable for automotive power applications in such diverse environments and rapid mode switching requirements.

    "From the technical point of view the current battery technology is hybrid vehicles and electric cars key. Even if the voice is relatively high market hybrid vehicles, batteries account for the cost of the vehicle 1 / 3 or more. But also the weight , reliability, longevity and many other issues to be resolved. lithium iron phosphate battery technology should be a good solution. However, problems related to the above or need further improvement. fuel cells are another technology, its technology is mature of fuel (mainly liquid hydrogen) storage and control issues, it can be said not immediately become a mature mass production products. while the hybrid electric car is concerned, the battery cost, weight, reliability, longevity, including the charging issue will be the government, car companies are facing major problems. "Kangxiao Dun said," So, the current hybrid vehicles in Europe and the United States and Japan have formed industry, and domestic still in its infancy, there is no industry. as an international leading automotive semiconductor manufacturers, Freescale is committed to the development of China's domestic automotive electronics contribute. support our key customers (such as BYD, etc.), including technical exchanges, product pricing. "

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