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Home inspection company quietly sells hardcover housing business for more than Bacheng

    Recently, this reporter received a call Qiu, Qiu lived Huilongguan an affordable housing community, he told reporters recently renovated a new house soon catch up with the rain, booster cables was found inside the walls of the seepage phenomenon occurs, the property Diagnosis It is waterproof building wall did not do, although the property has been re-made on the outer surface of the wall relief,battery clip but left the house walls are mottled mark.

    Breakdown of this year, such as Qiu owners encountered a few quality new homes. Earlier this year, tow rope they broke the Shenzhen Taoyuan Village affordable housing appears bathrooms, room wall to the quality of water seepage complaints by the owners. ratchet tie dowm June 27, Minhang District, Shanghai "Lotus Garden River," the sudden collapse shocked the nation, the formation of a "flat back down" incident. Soon after a heavy rain, Jing Xian, Chengdu and "flat YY." Immediately, a similar problem also occurs in housing quality in Beijing, in September, located in the first two limited Xisanqi housing project homes will win the flag a "wall of crunchy" event, a number of owners found their own walls, crisp, broken pinch it into a block wall loose sand-like hand.

    Face many similar events, many will stay on the new home owners could not help but expressed concern about the quality, began to consciously look for knowledgeable professionals to assist their 收房, thus, a new industry increasingly active, this is the professional home inspection company.

    Owners in Murray Hill, forums, journalists see the owners take the initiative to post looking for professional home inspection company, "my home to 136 square Sanju 收房, and looking for professional home inspection company 收房, detailed quotes and coverage. "The reporter saw that day will be blessed to Court, TwinMOS, Xin Ping Albert, several companies responded, and offer some knowledge or experience in the Housing Company.

    "Group room space launch activities of the master buy home inspection, there is a demand, where with a quote for statistics." Reporter recently submitted to the tripod in the family of the owners group in the city also saw this post.

    According to inspector Management Association report on development of the industry and recent survey shows that since since September 2008, professional home inspection company's business seen a continued growth momentum. The report shows that in 2006 most of the previous home inspection services to "stragglers" in the form, but the last three years, all over the country as a "home consultation", "home inspection consulting" and other names and registered at the national industry and commerce departments at all levels of experience Housing Corporation has reached more than 400.

    Please inspector home inspection really necessary? Whether the home inspection company can provide the owners with what services? Home inspection home inspection company can play about exactly how much? With these questions, this reporter to investigate in depth home inspection industry.

    Owners 收房 initiative to engage inspector.

    "Now the quality of new house out too much, I heard that there is a real estate around the central air-conditioning is still arguing back and forth to it! Anyway, I do not understand the inside of the transmission of the disease, do not bother to study, so, simply to find a home inspection and acceptance by the company to help me. "Yang, Ding City family in mid-October to please a good home inspector. Miss Lee also agrees, "In addition to checking the housing structure, hardcover quality, I must let the home inspection company the amount of the amount of room for me." She returned to the calculations to reporters, "If the actual area of less than the contract, I developers to have to look for money back, twenty thousand dollars for a small square it, please inspector spent only a few hundred dollars, the value of it! "

    According to the survey, there is Yang, Miss Li, a few owners of this idea. Located in Xuanwu District of the Far Glory Grand, journalists saw a home inspection company staff are the owners of two test rooms. The real estate housing projects for the hardcover, the reporter arrived at the scene, the inspector has entered a working state, the reporter saw the center in the bedroom, an air testing equipment being sampled, placed in another room with the inspector's toolbox , the number of journalists a bit rough, large and small tools inside about 30 pieces.

    It is understood that generally involve civil service examination rooms, doors, windows, electrical and heating water, hundreds of dozens of engineering experience points. Except for some affected drumsticks, tape and other common tools, also need such as laser marking instrument, laser range finder, noise monitoring instruments, glass detector, detector strength of concrete walls, basement walls and other water leak detector professional equipment. "The price of some professional equipment a few thousand dollars, and some even on the yuan, the owners can not buy these machines for 收房." House master (Beijing) Consulting Services Limited Assistant General Manager Nie Pengfei told reporters, in fact Swiss flag Home of the "wall of crunchy" as long as the use of concrete strength detector wall can be detected, the owners can be ordered at the time the developer 收房 rectification, not found in the decoration process.

    Home Inspection Company: hardcover housing business majority.

    This reporter learned that some decoration companies, supervision companies, and some building materials stores also launched a free home inspection services, but these free services are often only for the rough housing, and housing is seen as not seen for the hardcover.

    Home improvement, according to industry sources, this free home inspection services available to choose only the decoration of the company, supervising business customers, while providing home inspection services for a clear division of responsibilities, to avoid the housing itself, the poor quality of the original problem was caused by strange in the decoration side head. Journalists in the survey also found that, decoration, supervision and inspection of housing services provided tend to be concentrated in the windows and doors, walls or the water circuit, water and other closely related with the post-renovation project, but environmental or building structures such as housing aspects, they often not detected, or have relevant testing equipment. Otherwise the industry, both in the residential stage of publicity, or in the renovation started stage, decoration companies, mostly the work of the company subject to supervision and property developers, by developers and property once the pressure side, the objective of their home inspection results of it is difficult to be objective and fair.

    Professional home inspection company's main business is the provision of housing for the owners to inspect the quality with the developers or property, without interest, is a neutral third party. Under normal circumstances, after the home inspection, home inspection companies will be issued to the owners of formal home inspection report, and affix the company seal and the inspector's personal seal. Developers, owners can go by the report, asking them to reflect on the problems reported for rectification.

    "Even so, most owners chose rough housing renovation, supervision provided 'free lunch'." Nie Pengfei said, it is precisely because of this, 85% of the company's business and focus on housing projects in the hardcover. Fuk Loi reporter from Court, TwinMOS other home inspection companies have found that their home inspection business is also undertaken are concentrated in the hardcover room, would be able to account for the total business volume of 80% or more.
    Inspector: professional, talent shortage.

    With a home inspection company in the inspector work sheets contact the reporter learned that he was originally engaged in supervision work in the construction industry, three years ago to switch into the home inspection company, has now become the backbone of the company. In the company of other colleagues, and his situation is basically similar, mostly from construction supervision, construction management or property management and other construction related fields.

    Inspector is a home inspection company's soul. "Housing Master of inspector with strict qualification requirements, applicants to our company's staff must have to read the construction-related professional or a construction industry related work experience."

    Similarly, the reporter from the Beijing Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd. Fu to Court learned that the company's staff more than 80% with college degree or above, senior titles, national registered supervision engineer or a construction division and so on, its the inspector has a wealth of architectural experience, familiar with the construction of the corresponding laws, regulations and inspection procedures. Which includes civil engineers, senior engineers, decoration engineer, electrical engineer, plumbing engineer, indoor air pollution detection and control engineers.

    According to inspector Management Association, introduced the Secretary-General Jiaonan Bo, professional bodies inspector engaged in the inspection room before most of the work related to construction and real estate, high above the title with building a more comprehensive theoretical knowledge related to a solid, practical operating experience . However, the home inspection is an emerging industry, after all, Beijing is more than a dozen professional home inspection company, registered in the professional talent pool inspector but less than 80 people, with the owners of the home inspection industry, in-depth understanding of the market The demand for professional home inspector along with the rapid growth, it is understood the company's inspector of the recent state are running at full capacity, many companies have played an urgent recruitment information.

    Home Inspection Report: Promoting developers timely rectification.

    Home inspection home inspection report issued by the company really effective corrective actions to urge the developer is most concerned about the owners. Reporter learned from the master room, professional home inspection company home inspection reports are issued by the state inspection on the house based on the relevant national standards, owners of housing on-site measurements were obtained and objective inspection results, there is almost no development occurred Business does not endorse inspector reports. According to the Department of Housing Master Service served the owners of the visit results, the home inspection report listed problems, developers usually rectification, unless the owners take the initiative to the emergency stay at the other reasons to give to developers the requirements of the rectification, testing out the rectification of the problem more than 90% average.

    Insiders pointed out that if the developer of the home inspection report does not endorse individual provisions of the situation, the owners should first contact with the home inspection agencies to confirm the existence of the contents of the article is wrong, and then deal with the actual situation; if the developer completely deny the report on the inspection room, this is the developer deliberately "deny", the owners of housing in time photographed the problems, leaving the integrity of the evidence, then take the form of joint neighbors to protect their legitimate rights and interests, or to the associations , Construction and other departments to reflect the situation for help.
    Select Home Inspection Company 6 major issues to note:

    The current housing market is still in testing stages from the embryonic stage of development to the initial stage of transition, the experts remind consumers, the choice of home inspection organizations should pay attention to the following aspects:

    1. Note View home inspection organizations and their employees whether they have the appropriate qualifications. Professional, formal home inspection organizations should have a business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and other business qualifications, and its employees should have the inspector's job title certificate and other relevant certificates.

    However, the home inspection industry is a new consulting service, the state of the industry at present there is no specific qualification requirements. Experts advise consumers, professional home inspection company in the choice of the time, pay attention to whether he had a fixed office space, the number of personnel through their, tools, equipment and inspector's qualifications to determine the size of the company.

    Home inspection services in areas of price regulation is free market, experts suggest that consumers select the home inspection organization in time, considering the home inspection home inspection provided by the content and service prices, rather than simply choose from the price point of view.

    2. Pay attention to understand home inspection service team of professional bodies, skills mix is reasonable. Home Inspection is a process that involves civil engineering, decoration, water, electricity and other multi-disciplinary and multi-field system, engineers can not own a home inspection, the inspector needs to have a variety of complementary capabilities together to complete the team. Professional, formal institutions have a professional home inspection, skills test with a reasonable room team.

    3. Note that housing agencies to understand whether the services of inspection specifications. Housing inspection agency work is the essence of the social position of a third party, objective and impartial inspection of the property defects and quality defects, and to give advisory opinions issued by the appropriate owners. Professional, formal home inspection agency inspector to be in accordance with the "inspector job Standards and Ethics" operation. Casual commitment to the employer should be careful home inspection organizations.

    4. Pay attention to understand home inspection services sector is open, complete. Professional, formal home inspection agencies have a system, standard, comprehensive, public examination room service details. Employers should service details are incomplete, not standardized, not even details of the home inspection service agencies carefully chosen.

    5. Note View home inspection organizations have served the case is true, complete, volume, high quality. Professional, formal home inspection organizations, large businesses are often required to make reservations in advance, after the end of the service will be issued to employers of professional and standard home inspection report, and requested the employer to complete the "Employer Evaluation Form", to keep abreast of the school inspector division's performance to continuously improve service quality, and has served employers build customer profiles. Therefore, the new employer can evaluate the case of a single employer contact on the contact with the old employer, in order to understand or verify the information they need.

    6. Pay attention to understand home inspection organization department set up is complete and reasonable. Professional, formal home inspection agency usually has business consulting department, technical department, customer service, the Ministry of Legal Affairs, such as a complete and reasonable service system and the corresponding service process in an effort to address the concerns of employers.

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