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Entrepreneurs, stress management and health management

    April 21 is the "Entrepreneur Day", it was in 1994, "To enhance the social status of entrepreneurs, the courage to reform and enhance their sense of honor,booster cables sense of mission and to take the lead of the pioneering spirit, bring a great advance the development of socialist market economy,battery clip entrepreneurs "and set an activity day.

    We also deeply appreciate those sleepless nights behind day after day, year after year of painstaking efforts, the spirit of the string is always tight.tow rope Business, business, frequently injured, entrepreneurs surface looks beautiful, once selected to entrepreneurs for the industry, would mean his life will be pressure from competition, tiredness, anxiety go hand in hand.ratchet tie dowm Many business owners can not stand even the failure of the attack can not accept overnight from heaven to hell the psychological gap, have chosen disappeared or committed suicide.

    Chen Jin disappeared from the water, to Niu Gensheng old man in tears, everywhere for help, to Huang jail, known as the backbone of China's entrepreneurs are walking very difficult. But the market does not believe in tears, can not do business better health, today, we will simply explore this sensitive topic.

    Entrepreneurs compared to ordinary people, the greater the pressure for more: the enterprise to survive the early pressure, the pressure of financing enterprise development, business expansion, strategic direction selected transition pressure, companies in the pressure of return on investment to shareholders, business negotiations pressure, business management in the production of innovative marketing techniques and so the pressure to improve the risk ... ... thousands of entrepreneurs take the lead, they kept like a top in the business development problems encountered under the spur to spin rapidly. In this "high" survival mode, entrepreneurs, longer working hours than the common people, according to a magazine report: senior managers of private enterprises in more than 60 hours per week, many senior managers working day 12 to 16 hours. It is this labor intensive mental effort to make entrepreneurs more likely to suffer health.

    When we "World Health Report 2006" in that the average life expectancy of Chinese people was 72 years old, we not only untimely death in recent years while middle-aged entrepreneurs sighed with regret: Shanghai Group Chairman Wang Jun Yao Yao 38 year-old died, Netease acting CEO Ted Sun died of cancer aged 38, chairman of Shanghai Electric Group in South China made at the age of 37 years died. According to "Healthy Times" reported that in 2005 the State Council Development Research Center of entrepreneurs in the 3539 health survey found that 90% of entrepreneurs said that work pressure, 76% of entrepreneurs believe that working conditions tight. The survey also found that entrepreneurs have an average of one every four people with chronic work stress-related diseases, such as neurasthenia, hypertension, chronic gastritis and so on.

    From one perspective, modern man seems not as the ancients under pressure - for example, a few days before the electric car business days for training seminars, I talk in a "high" under the rapid-taught story: Huizong was a favorite painting words and have extensive knowledge of the emperor, one day, he asked the attendant: "Who painted the world the best ass?" follower not answer, go back, the donkey after the famous painting by Surname Jixun name who anxious to know an artist named Zhu Ziming a "donkey artists," said Ji Zhao Zhu Ziming palace painted donkey.

    Zhu Ziming called the palace for the emperor that ass painting, the cold sweats, he does not draw the original donkey, he was painting the landscape painter, because of peer teasing and played him a "donkey painter" nickname, not the donkey was too good at drawing the "ass artist." However, the orders of the emperor is not illegal, so he's Zhu Ziming training hard ass painting technique, has painted hundreds of pieces of art on a donkey, it was not appreciated by all odds to be the emperor, the real world has become the first person painting the donkey. Forced to draw from the donkey Zhu Ziming "pressure" small story, we see the essence of stress management: turn pressure into motivation!

    Look at one example - the legendary Jaguar is an endangered animal, the world's only remaining dozen, of which Peru has a zoo. Peruvians to protect the only Jaguar, built specifically for its tiger park, there are mountains and water, as well as groups of rabbits and sheep for it to enjoy. The strange thing is that it ate the administrator sent the meat, often lying in the tiger house, eat and sleep, sleep and eat.
    Some people said: "Losing love Tiger, how can a spirit?" To this end, the zoo regularly rents from abroad to Cihu accompany it. But the Jaguars up to accompany "girlfriend" to get out, and soon returned to the tiger room, or 打不起精神.

    Suggested a zoologist, said: "The tiger is the king of the forest, the garden only put a small group of grazing animals, how can the interest it aroused." Zoo managers adopted the views of experts, into three only the jackal, this Jaguar is no longer lie in the future. At the peak, it is sometimes eagerly Chosho; sometimes rushed down the hill, dashing to patrol the garden; sometimes aggressive pursuit of the jackal. Tan Xiaofang Reviews - Jaguar has attacked opponents, and will have the pressure, with pressure on it to the spirit of double major is not the same as before.

    For enterprises, the moderate pressure can make people concentrate, improve endurance, enhance the body energy and reduce errors. Pressure outside the body can be said that the need for a regulation, but regulation is often meant growth. Managers will have to continue to pressure situations and effective way to learn to deal with, can improve the capacity, efficiency will rise, so the pressure is to increase people's motivation level a powerful tool. Tan Xiaofang teacher training, consultation is often said that the causes of stress are many, combined with domestic entrepreneurs and the characteristics of the work pressure of employees, we conduct stress management should pay attention to five principles:

    First, the principle of proportionality. Stress management is not carried out despite the organization's economic and blindly reducing staff stress, maximize employee satisfaction, but to moderate.

    Second, the specific principles. As the pressure is very much a subjective feeling, so when conducting stress management to distinguish between different objects different strategies, according to the different characteristics of the object to do to analyze specific issues.

    Third, the post principle. Organizations in different sectors, different positions of the work pressure faced by different staff. Generally the higher the level jobs, innovation is stronger, the higher the independence of the staff, the greater the pressure. Such as the pressure of the marketing department - as relatively large, because the sales performance is good or bad depends not only on the extent of their own efforts, but also with customers, market environment, competitors relationship. Of course, we often hear people complain about the service front-line services under increasing pressure, increasingly demanding customers, increasingly high standards of service, services, internal and external pressure increases, services more competitive, there people even feeling overwhelmed.

    Fourth, the guiding principle. As the pressure generation is inevitable, so the pressure to the positive side to guide the development becomes very important. Tan Xiaofang teachers believe that, for entrepreneurs, some of the external factors are uncontrollable, such as the face of strong competition, then the flexibility to pressure into motivation, inspire more enthusiasm for work.

    Fifth, the principle of distinction. In the elimination of the pressure, we should first find out the sources of stress and discrimination. Some pressure can be avoided, such as the lack of solidarity between employees, work pressure caused by complex relationships; and some pressure, such as the pressure from the work itself is inevitable, and only by improving the employee's own ability and mental endurance ability to resolve.

    We say, mundane sparkling diamond and graphite have gone very differently, however, a chemist, is a surprising conclusion: diamond and graphite, as are the carbon atoms, and, even to become a diamond graphite. 5-6 million atmospheres and graphite in 1000 to 2000 degrees Celsius temperatures, and then metallic iron, cobalt, nickel catalyst, make graphite into diamond. So, entrepreneurs how to "graphite" into a "diamond" in it? - Incentives. However, there is a certain method of motivation. Example can be executives, managers about their own examples of the growth to new and subordinates, to encourage, inspire subordinates the same growth.

    Recently, KFC introduced a new breakfast "method air biscuits", nicknamed "mad biscuits", which takes this "decompression crazy boom" to the extreme.
    In order to efficiently promote the "Law of the wind biscuits", Kentucky United held a number of media, "Let us crazy one - throwing sandbags crazy war", has attracted participation of many white-collar workers crazy. Young white-collar workers are off the career suits, wearing the seventies and eighties pop collective naval equipment, set aside the employment, promotion, unemployment, and many other problems, through the sandbags battle to unwind. Game, the pressure on white-collar workers who write their own piece of paper, sewn into the home-made sandbags, the meaning "like throwing sand bags as the pressure to lose out," someone says "did go to overtime," someone says, "Let boss up off it, "more people read," Let my acne Sign All right "; truly let the white-collar workers relive the joy of a simple childhood, showing that decompression almost a" national issue "again!

    Some friends in the industry have asked me, Tam teacher, how do you cope with pressure? How do you say? I had to face all kinds of pressure, also want to give up. But then I adjusted the mentality, change the kinds of thinking: the pressure, the more can improve their capabilities. After the encounter the same people, things, they will not know what to do. Of course, there are many ways decompression, vary, suited to their like.

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