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Hardware brand is a service or a product to consumers

Price war war and groaning, brand warfare was in full swing, because the metal boss know the truth: brand is the key to victory. With the brand means companies have a market with sales. This is indeed a number of enterprises at home and abroad has been verified. Upgrade to the brand from a price war, war, in a sense, brand warfare is a permanent tow rope solution for enterprise development.

Hardware companies view brand war there is some misunderstanding.

1. The hardware war is equivalent to the brand advertising campaign.

Hardware brand is a service or a product to consumers the quality of the core demands and commitments, which concentrated on the service and product service quality, service, taste and even culture. The ad is only a means of disseminating information. Needs of business and product promotion, advertising can bring high-profile, create brand, but advertising can not make products with inherent qualities and charm. Some bosses on the simplistic view that, as long as the large cast advertising, indiscriminate bombing, and can create brand-name effects, enhance brand image, leading to increased sales. But often it did not, or little effect. The reason is that they overlook the quality of the product, service, innovation and so under the more effort.

2. Hardware business brand extension functions to dilute the brand

The success of the first into the brand tends to attract a large number of producers to imitate their products and establish a new brand. These brands are not the actual value can only increase the interference, right consumers, and now every day Jiechu to thousands of advertising messages, causes them a loss. The result will certainly be seriously undermined the brand's features.

In general, the brand extension is an effective expansion of business scope and product range of methods. For example, the 20th century, 80 years in the United States about two-thirds of new products through brand extension method into the market. However, this approach also easy to create brand confusion, dilute the core brand value has been diluted. It may be in the short term to help manufacturers increase sales, but it may weaken or even destroy the original brand. So-called "brand kingdom" Procter & Gamble, are now forced to take corresponding measures to make the brand image of the simple of.

3. Where is the way brand management

As the market develops and matures, product homogeneity is increasingly clear that to achieve product differentiation is more difficult for substantive innovation has been, to some extent this has increased the difficulty of cultivating brand personalized. Meanwhile, with the advance of information communication industry, manufacturers of power being undermined, the brand played by simplifying customer search product information Gongnengyezai weakening consumer Yiyuelaiyue Buyuanyiwei Naxie do not actually exist  Chayi The extra cost. These factors gave a huge corporate brand management challenges.

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