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School: Looking for more ways to use solar energy mode

    Solar energy, as today a clean, energy saving, new energy and more effectiveness in the field of solar thermal and photovoltaic research has entered a new stage of development.booster cables With the deepening of the national energy saving and emission reduction, China's energy sector in the new breakthroughs and progress continues to become increasingly specific and real.

   battery clip Solar energy is the most important renewable energy resources, their use patterns, including solar thermal utilization and promotion of architectural scale, multi-Ways of hydrogen, and solar power research and development, tow rope demonstration, industrialization and large-scale application. Solar power generation, including photovoltaic and thermal power generation, is the focus of major projects. Great efforts to strengthen the new photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic cell materials, exploration and development, significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency,ratchet tie dowm as soon as possible to achieve high-volume PV silicon and materials, development applications, and the formation of large-scale industry. At the same time, utilization of solar energy to explore new models to the early deployment of large scale desert solar concentrated power plant development and demonstration phase, and desert control and ecological resource development and utilization closely. 2020 million kilowatts class demonstration power plant, built in 2030 million-kilowatt demonstration power plant, then increase with the years to fill the energy gap. Establishment of large-scale solar energy base, but also to solve the effective integration of large-scale solar power station power systems, energy storage and transmission of electricity related to technical problems.

    When the solar thermal and photovoltaic concept was gradually accepted the use of large areas, our solar work in new areas need to make progress, we must find a new model of solar energy and find a way to use solar energy more than the road, both Students can expand solar energy use in the extension of knowledge, but also can really improve people's lives.

    Integrated solar air conditioning and heating system.

    Project Profile: solar air conditioning system using solar collectors (flat-plate collector, vacuum tube collector) produce hot water, the summer cooling by lithium bromide absorption chiller for air conditioning use, the system can provide domestic hot water year round, winter can be used for heating. Refrigerator driven heat source temperature 75 ~ 90 ℃, the system can be equipped with auxiliary energy or heat pumps, all-weather run automatically. Solar air conditioning system for central heating and central air conditioning.

    Main technical performance and indicators: refrigerator driving heat source temperature 75 ~ 90 ℃, with a heat pump with auxiliary energy or automatic operation.

    Scope and application conditions: solar air conditioning system for central heating and central air conditioning.

    Have applications: pilot analysis of investment and social and economic benefits: the user with an integrated system solar air conditioning and heating, and the use of electric heating system, central air conditioning and power comparisons (air-conditioning and heating must be calculated together), 3 years may be recovery to increase investment.

    Application scope and prospects: building and industrial and agricultural production of solar cooling - hot and for the system, such as hotels, guest houses, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, aquaculture, greenhouse planting and so on. Absorption chillers can also be used in industrial production in various industries, such as electricity, chemicals, fertilizer, metallurgy, ceramics, textiles, iron and steel, the use of waste heat from cooling the production process. Can also be used to heat water cooling, for tourism or breeding industry applications.

    Solar electric sightseeing car.

    Project: Solar energy is renewable energy in all the most important basic energy, "inexhaustible" is clean and green energy. 20 years, solar energy utilization technology in research and development, commercial production, market development have gained considerable development, become the world's rapid and stable development of the emerging industries. Solar electric car, mainly through tourism and efficient absorption of solar energy solar panels generate power, which can be achieved with solar energy as the leading driver of vehicle operation will not cause environmental pollution, environmental effects play.

    Main technical performance and indicators:

    Rated :8-11 crew.

    Driving range :35-70 (km).

    Maximum speed: 35 (km / h).

    Minimum turning radius: 4.8 (m).

    Maximum grade ability (full load): 18%.

    Solar power: 600WP.

    Scope and application conditions: solar electric car for sightseeing residential areas, parks, and tourist spots. Solar electric car as a tourist transport, clean environment, will not cause environmental pollution, the market potential. Solar electric car has been in the tourist city of Lhasa, Tibet, Fujian Gulangyu put into use, reflecting the application of the various aspects of good effect. Solar electric vehicles used in tourism is the most clean energy, solar energy as power-driven, will not cause pollution to the environment, and the mileage can be extended to exercise, the project technology is mature. Application can produce huge economic and social benefits.

    Application plans and measures: implementation of the project is the product of the industrialization phase, the project is completed annual production capacity of solar electric car tour of the production capacity of 300.

    Implementation of the project milestones:

    (1) implementation of the project 1-6 months: to improve the existing site conditions and completion of product testing and standards-based products in stereotypes;

    (2) implementation of the project the first 7-18 months: production, sales of 100 units, the sales income of 9,000,000 yuan; to complete the construction of 2000m3 workshop, new purchase and commissioning of production equipment; development of products and complete the test;

    (3) the first year after completion of the project: a comprehensive tour to promote solar electric vehicles 300, the sales income of 27 million yuan; explore foreign markets for export.

    Hybrid solar food drying system.

    Project: hybrid solar food drying system is developed by the Guangzhou Keling Electric Co., Ltd. food drying system that uses solar energy and other energy as the heat source, together with the high degree of intelligence control equipment. The food drying system is energy saving, pollution, high efficiency and so on, it applies not only bacon, dry sausage, but also to other La Zhipin, fish products and meat dry. The system is fully functional and reliable, simple, easy-to-user control; is widely used in various types of food processing enterprises. Hybrid solar food drying system includes: heat, humidity, ventilation, ventilation, automatic control, kiln construction and insulation doors. One control system consists of front-end machine and the host composition, a high degree of intelligence is a set of control equipment. System host configured as a general-purpose multimedia computer, with a large screen display and a capacitive touch screen. System front-end machine is a dedicated micro-computer control system. Food drying system of the wide range of applications, it applies not only bacon, dry sausage, but also to other La Zhipin, fish products and meat dry. The system is fully functional, stable and reliable, simple, easy-to-user control; been widely used, such as Rex, Guangzhou, Zhongshan and other kinds of this food processing enterprises Wing.

    The main control system features:

    (1), more compact, installation, easy operation, Chinese interface, suggesting that clear;

    (2) stand-alone operation / area multi-machine centralized monitoring / remote on-line operation;

    (3) allows the user to be noted in the characteristics of dry and preserved meat selection and revision of drying schedule;

    (4) centralized management of computer systems by reading and analyzing the status information drying room, the equipment anomalies and fault alarm processing, also suggest possible causes and treatment recommendations;

    (5) record and print each drying room complete the drying process, together with changes in various parameters of the process parameters set by a paper records, for later inspection.

    Automatic hot water system with multiple heat sources.

    Project Profile: solar water heater after a dozen years of development, has gradually recognized by consumers. Currently thousands of production enterprises, the market is very competitive, even after ten years of development, the production of water heaters from the structure, function, effects on both major breakthroughs. Because of its inherent defects, is a large area in the freezing cold, the case will occur at any time, up and down pipes frozen block, cracking, failure, Sheung Shui, the phenomenon of running water frequently. Therefore, the promotion of the city in the north is very difficult, or even being resisted. If a large area heater freeze, to consumers, dealers and the negative impact of the solar industry can not be underestimated.

    How to combine solar energy and architecture for how to solve the water heating residential buildings conducted a special study, after in Lanzhou, Hohhot, Hailar, Harbin, Jiamusi, Siping, Yangquan, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Yasukuni, the city, and other places Dingxing engineering test, water heating residential buildings in the settlement has accumulated rich experience. Is launching the patented product, multi-automatic hot water heating system (hot water boiler with multiple heat sources automatically.) Solar is not just from the building and construction on the perfect combination of the situation, but also from the use of functions and building the perfect combination of residential building heating water 24 hours a day become a reality, the water heating equipment for residential buildings a major innovation. Water heating equipment to infrastructure investment, energy consumption, running costs to a minimum. Automatic multi-heat hot water system will completely overcome the shortcomings of solar water heaters, solar water heaters in the building to promote the new generation product; is building the first choice for water heating; after the promotion in a number of community by real estate developers, property management company, the user's identity. The product on the market, no hot water in residential buildings will change the status of the supply, improve the quality of residential buildings, because energy security, environmental protection, in line with established national policy of saving society, so the market opportunity is huge.

    Automatic multi-heat hot water system consists of solar collectors, heating heat exchanger, electromagnetic auxiliary heater, electronically controlled automatic exhaust valve, fixed (constant) warm water control, automatic control device, thermal storage tank composition. Solar heating system with clever together. Without increasing the heating system load conditions, the winter snow at night or cloudy weather, the use of recycled water heating system, waste heat, hot water inside the reservoir into the cold water every day for heat exchange, to be stored inside the water temperature and water After the water balance of the heating system, heating system no longer consume the heat; daytime solar hot water inside the reservoir through heat exchange with the heating and hot water generated after reheating temperature, with the solar heating system will heat the water cycle added to the heating system. To achieve the heat generated by solar heating and heat and complement each other. Through the fixed (constant) warm water controller can be set constant temperature water 24 hours a day. Spring, summer and autumn rainy days and every morning, resulting in solar hot water reach the bath temperature, through computer control, according to the specific temperature of the water tank, pipes started electromagnetic sub-speed automatic heater, convection Path to supplement the water inside the tubes heated to above 40 ℃, and how much water to how much water to heat, reducing the maximum power consumption. The hot water system for a water supply unit for each unit, each household metering equipment with hot water as easy with the use of tap water. Automatic hot water system with multiple heat sources operating energy consumption: the full use of solar energy for the temperature automatically 24 hours a day hot water. Hot water costs compared with conventional energy sources lower than 85%. Supply per day on average more than 40 ℃ 150 liters of hot water temperature calculation. 6 storey building with two each for the standard, a total of 12 households, the total water supply 1800 liters per day.

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