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Han's Laser: seize the opportunity to push quality to the market

    Shenzhen Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited the high-speed dual-drive gantry drive metal laser cutting machine G3015HD. The machine can be widely used in electrical switch manufacturing, aerospace, specialty automotive, booster cables home appliances manufacturing, tool processing, welding diamond tools, welding gear, metal surface treatment, decoration advertising,battery clip laser external processing services and other mechanical manufacturing and processing industries.

    The company cut marketing Mr. Wu Junying Division,tow rope said: "Our company's high-power laser cutting machine market response has been good so far, this year's sales and same as last year, the situation is gratifying." He said, the field of laser processing, precision processing is the development trend of laser cutting sheet metal processing machine in great demand, ratchet tie dowm while the domestic market started late, the market holdings only 2 million units, so it has broad market space for development.

    Mr Wu said: "Han's Laser attaches great importance to technological innovation, the company will gradually fill the gaps in the industry and to continue to rail, rail transportation and other typical development of the industry, and tap potential customers. Meanwhile, the company is also active in association with the cross exchange and cooperation , Han's Laser has now officially been approved as China Machine Tool Industry Association vice president of special machine tools branch unit, so the company was not only better, more development opportunities, the whole industry will play a role in promoting development. "

    According to Wu Junying introduction, the company's total investment of about 10 billion yuan in Shenzhen Fu Yong Town, Baoan District, the construction of Han's Laser global production base, is expected to put into use this year's New Year's Day. By then, the base will become the world's largest building, the most advanced production facilities, laser equipment production base. Meanwhile, in Shenzhen, Nanshan District, Han's Laser Technology Centre of the projects under construction will be completed.

    As a national brand, Han's Laser attaches great importance to their own development. "The financial crisis erupted last year, the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta's manufacturing industry have a big impact, but because of Han's Laser had better control of the capital chain, the company's performance in the industry and the development of the more impressive. Currently, the company taking advantage of the opportunities the crisis, the product further and stronger, so refined, and then to market. "

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