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Zhou Yixing: alert pay water and electricity monopolies into the letter was "private"

    Recently, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office published "Credit Management Ordinance (draft)",booster cables which for the first time the reference to "negative record retention period" question: "credit institution shall not disclose, use, battery clip act or event from the bad credit from the date of termination has been more than 5 years of personal bad credit record, and the completion of the penalty more than 7 years from the date of the personal criminal record. "
    The draft defines the scope of credit information,tow rope including individuals, legal persons or other organizations, identity, occupation and residential address and other basic information. The central bank also said the next individual water, electricity,ratchet tie dowm gas and payment of premiums, taxes and so will be included in credit conditions ("Changjiang Daily," October 15).

    In this regard, it should be said, of social organization and their personal credit information related to the collection management, and this through the appropriate legislative activities to make this compulsory specification, no doubt not only the needs of public administration, and shall be also in line with the healthy development of society requirements, so this should be recognized. However, while trying to say is, due to the specific credit activities will involve multiple interests, but all different from the one determined by the strength of social status to particular events in the credit records of bullying that may occur with the "public rights private "behavior to be expected, and a corresponding system of this preparation.

    Because the current social relations, known as community, both in the banks and customers, or water, electricity, gas and other utility monopolies relationship with the users, all of these industries by the monopolistic or oligopolistic market situation by decision, it can be said either electrical or water bank customers resident in the face of these monopolies are basically no other alternative service options. And the maximization of monopoly profit-driven, related entirely to the monopoly of the industry may use their own credit information in the records of dominance and advantage of this position to pursue their own interests into the process to maximize the tools. This to the fact that the existing, the banks do not inform the Client will be included in the customer credit "black list"; water and power industry without prior notice or announcement of the premise, to stop the service and refused to compensate , and the utility industry equipment such as high-handed acts of self-existence of pricing should be to some extent can be proved that if the social credit in the future management activities, there is no effective constraints and penalty associated with supporting the system, that the interests of the existing relationship of the decision, monopoly industries is completely possible, and may be bound to use its strong socio-professional status, on which the weaker party to bullying behavior choices.

    The interests of existing relations, obviously can not be denied, the existing banks and the profits of water, electric and other industries to obtain, to a certain extent with all of the market should have a monopoly of a certain relationship. This means that the existing monopoly of industry profits every acquisition or expansion, will be a party to the interests of their relative pay. It is equally certain that such a conflict of interest in the relationship between the existing model, on the one hand, the interests of monopoly industries will certainly reasons for, and the interests of their own interests will maximize the impact of the constraint system introduced confrontational stance; another aspects, based on the maximization of social equity and social progress in the public interest requirements of the design and arrangement of the system level, the policy-making departments have the responsibility and more obligations, arrangements should be specific policy interests of such requirements to meet the social justice balance. Take water and electricity to this particular payment into the credit record, it can be said that the "weak conservation priorities," the social system of justice requires the decision to guard against the use of their monopoly industries related activities in the credit status of superiority, and prevention as the appearance of profiteering behavior, and the predatory behavior of a monopoly may arise in the institutional arrangements as well as for the expected level has obviously no doubt should be on policy development and management proposition of social justice can not be avoided.

    So, in full recognition, "Credit Management Ordinance" at the same time the necessity of legislation, perhaps the relevant administrative departments in terms of credit management, like how to balance the interests of monopoly industries associated with the public interest, and thus the "weak conservation priorities" the principle of equity into them, in a sense can be said to be a pursuit of social and public administration and public welfare maximizing the exam. Of course the answer is correct, the public also will make their own self-review.

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