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Dacromet: is the trend or a flash in the pan?

    Editor's Note: Dacromet technology was first born in the twentieth century, the late fifties. In North America, the Nordic cold winter, thick ice on the road a serious impediment to the driving motor vehicles,booster cables people sprinkle salt on the floor of the ways to lower the temperature of freezing point to ease the roads open question.
    But immediately after the sodium chloride from the chloride ion penetration of the steel substrate, battery clip transport severely damaged, serious issues emerged. Mike Martin, American scientists developed a zinc-based metal while adding aluminum, chromic acid, deionized water to do the high dispersion of water-soluble paint solvents, paint stick on metal substrate after curing coating the whole closed-loop form thin coating, tow rope Dacromet successfully resist the erosion of chloride ions, corrosion technology into a new stage, innovative short life of traditional anti-corrosion process defects.

    Therefore, dacromet technology adopted by the U.S. military as a preservative in military technology (the U.S. standard MTL-C-87115), ratchet tie dowm to the seventies of the twentieth century the NDS in Japan from the U.S. introduction of MCI dacromet technology companies, and bought the right to use in the Asia Pacific region, and holding the U.S. company MCI. Corrosion of steel parts of Japan island tonnage per year, so its particular emphasis on anti-corrosion technology. Dacromet technology has improved by Japan, the rapid development in Japan, more than 100 plants and more than 70 pharmaceutical coating units, some developed countries have also introduced dacromet technology. In 1994, China formally dacromet technology introduced from Japan, originally used only for domestic defense industry and auto parts, and later developed to power, construction, marine engineering, household appliances, hardware and standard parts, railways, bridges, tunnel, highway guardrail, petrochemical, biotechnology, medical device metallurgy and other industries.

    Dacromet advantages:

    Dacromet is a new surface treatment technology, compared with the conventional plating process, dacromet is a "green plating." Its advantages are the following:

    1. Superior corrosion resistance: dacromet coating thickness of only 4-8μm, but the rust is the traditional galvanized, hot dip galvanizing or paint coating process 7-10 times. Process by Dacromet standard parts, pipe to pieces by more than 1200h salt spray resistance does not appear red rust.

    2. No hydrogen embrittlement: Dacromet Dacromet treatment process does not determine the hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, it is very suitable for the force dacromet coated parts.

    3. High heat resistance: Dacromet to high temperature corrosion, heat resistance up to 300 ℃. The traditional zinc plating process, the temperature reached 100 ℃, has been scrapped from the skin.

    4. With force and apply a good performance: Dacromet and metal matrix has a good combination of power, and with other additional coatings have a strong adhesion, easy to spray the parts after rendering, combined with the organic coating force even more than the phosphate coating.

    5. Good permeability: the electrostatic shielding effect, the workpiece hole, slit, and other parts of the inner wall of tube is difficult to electroplating of zinc, so these parts of the workpiece can not be protected by plating method. Dacromet into the workpiece can be formed Dacromet these parts.

    6. Pollution and pollution: Dacromet parts in the production, processing and coating the whole process, no pollution of the environment of waste water emissions, no waste treatment and reduce the processing cost.

    Dacromet Technical Development.

    Dacromet technology has come out 50 years, 50 years from the advent of the 20th century, as the U.S. military patent dacromet been kept secret for a full 20 years; the 20th century, the age of 70, after decryption dacromet into civilian, initially by United States, France and Japan to share the technology of the three companies, and soon Japan to become the sole holder of the technology.
    The age of 90 until the 20th century until the introduction of this technology from Japan. As a source of technology, Japan's dacromet technology in China should be the better skill, no one ratio, but in fact it is not the case, Japan's Dacromet Technology in China only in the middle and upper level, our own zinc chromate coating developed many products have reached or even exceeded the Japanese! Why China can easily over Japan? Seems to only be one answer - for dacromet technology, the United States, France did not hesitate to give up, while Japan has adopted in its research and development as the attitude of not. A reasonable explanation is that Dacromet long been the United States, France and Japan, with no research and development to determine the value of the reason why Japan has not abandoned it, just because I hope to get more from its residual value upon; that In industrialized countries, Dacromet has lost the vitality of a product, no further excavation of the value.

    The reason why there is no research and development Dacromet value, the most important point is that dacromet contains harmful to the environment and chromium ions, in particular carcinogenic hexavalent chromium ions. However, chromium pollution, are more and more attention in the world with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, Dacromet is gradually being eliminated from various application areas out. Corrosion in the automotive field has started the phase-out process, the European 2000/53/EG stipulates that the production and sales in Europe, every car on the anti-corrosion coatings, hexavalent chromium content of not more than 2 grams, BMW, Ford , Volkswagen, General Motors, Volvo and other car companies have also developed and implemented the corresponding chromium-free coating technology standards. Is followed by electrical and electronic fields, the EU Official Journal published the "waste electrical and electronic appliances (WEEE)" Directive (2002/96/EC) and "electrical and electronic equipment in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances" (RoHS) Directive ( 2002/95/EC), in electrical metallic anti-corrosion coating prohibit the use of hexavalent chromium.

    Currently, the developed countries have carried out strictly prohibited in the local zinc chromate coating (Dacromet) production and coating process; some non-use of zinc chromate coating (Dacromet) treatment is not the parts, also moved to China pollution control is not strict and some other countries for processing and then re-import. In front of this trend, China is also accelerating the pace of dacromet restrictions, it is learned, recently, our government basically decided the "Electronic Information Product Pollution Control Regulations" content, which clearly stipulates that all sales in China in the electronic information products, including hexavalent chromium, etc., shall not contain toxic and harmful substances.


    Currently, alternative technologies dacromet - chrome zinc-aluminum, chrome-free country has the process of creating the necessary industrial base. Can be expected, with the vitality of high-tech - no chrome aluminum coated zinc rise dacromet technology will eventually replace the original, a new environmentally friendly anti-corrosion technology.

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