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Science and Technology Industrial Park located in Shunyi amorphous trillion Prudential settled in

    Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Beijing Shunyi District Government has signed an agreement to build Beijing Science and Technology Industrial Park amorphous.

    Amorphous and Technology Industrial Park is located in Beijing Shunyi New Town,booster cables an area of 1,200 acres, it can accommodate about 20 scale enterprises to enter, will highlight the characteristics of amorphous industry, agglomeration of amorphous core technology industry chain, battery clip industry and key projects to promote science and technology of amorphous results of application. At present the relevant infrastructure is advancing according to plan.

    tow rope Prudential in megabytes (Beijing) Electric Co., Ltd. is the first settled in Beijing Science and Technology Industrial Park of amorphous enterprise, which specializes in amorphous alloy transformer R & D, production and sales of amorphous alloy transformer industry in China's key enterprises.

    According to reports, the development of glass industry began in the 20th century, 70's,ratchet tie dowm is a sunrise industry. United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries in the amorphous material leading position in research and development, through 20 years of technological breakthroughs, the basic realization of the amorphous alloy materials and products industry.

    Amorphous products are widely used in communications, electronics, electric vehicles, electrolytic plating, conversion appliances and other fields, due to its energy saving and environmental protection, consistent with the characteristics of the national industrial policy, our government has been strongly encouraged the promotion of products of amorphous materials application. In recent years, the domestic market demand of amorphous materials are growing at a rate of 30%, more amorphous industry has broad market prospects and development.

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