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Sino-US energy cooperation to develop new first

    New Sino-US energy cooperation should be developed first. "September 14, 2009 China-US Energy Forum in Shanghai. From the Chinese Ministry of Science, U.S. Department of Energy, booster cables the Shanghai government leaders and experts in the field of new energy between the two countries, bilateral cooperation on new energy to reach a consensus.

    U.S. Deputy Ambassador to China Jinrui Bo said: "The response to global warming, need to find a global solution,battery clip the new Sino-US energy cooperation is an important part, has very broad prospects." Two months ago, the Sino-US strategic and economic dialogue, the two sides signed the "on the strengthening of climate change,tow rope energy and environmental cooperation memorandum of understanding", including the 10 priority areas of cooperation.

    Cooperation has started.

    3-day stay in Shanghai, the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Policy and External Affairs, Peter, ratchet tie dowm director of economic analysis Karpov discovered many interesting things. He said: "I saw a lot of electric cars on the road, hoping that one day, the U.S. housewife riding electric cars can go to the supermarket to buy things."

    Pitt Karpov wish will come true soon. Ministry of Science and Technology Development of China Institute executive vice president of strategic development, told reporters Wang, Chinese enterprises have received orders for many European countries, electric cars will become the housewives shopping, pick up the child's means of transport.

    Forum, Pitt Karpov introduced the government's new energy strategy for Obama. He said the United States hopes to participate more fully in the international community for sustainable energy projects and carbon reduction efforts, and plans to spend 80 billion U.S. dollars for new energy strategy, including new energy technology research and development, design and manufacture of new energy vehicles, the state and family power grids and other fields.

    Department of International Cooperation Science and Technology of China Wang Qiming, deputy director, pointed out that the Chinese government has taken note of the new energy industry, the importance of economic growth and employment and in promoting the great potential of future education. He said China is willing and the international community to strengthen cooperation in the field of new energy, such cooperation may relate to product market side, you can also research and development related to the upstream side.

    Expo the first development effort.

    "A long history of Sino-US cooperation in new energy and to promote a large number of practical application of energy saving projects." Wang told reporters that the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology Development Strategic Research Institute office is the best example. This reporter learned that this building is office and U.S. governments on major projects to promote new energy sources, using a fully intelligent lighting control technology, solar water heating systems, integrated water treatment applications, the annual energy efficiency of 70%.

    If the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology Development Project Strategic Research Institute is building a new Sino-US energy cooperation "small test chopper," then, the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is the cooperation between the two countries "in full swing."

    Shanghai Lu Xiaochun, deputy director of Science and Technology Commission said the World Expo 2010 Shanghai World Expo site will be a large demonstration area of renewable energy. Lu Xiaochun that the theme "Better City, Better Life" made climate change in the city of responsibility, to further deepen that the city government responsibility, city residents responsibilities and urban corporate responsibility latitude, particularly in energy firms and the environmental crisis and climate change are closely related.

    GE Think Green.

    As a USA Pavilion sponsor, General Electric (GE) Vice President, Greater China, said President and CEO Mark Norbom in technology utilization, GE will provide energy-saving lighting, the U.S. Pavilion, distribution and other equipment; in the display area , GE will showcase the overall clean energy solutions, including wind power, renewable energy, bio-gas power generation.

    GE is the world's first proposed the "Think Green" business, in the new energy R & D, innovation has a forward-looking judgments. Mark Norbom told reporters, "We are now in-depth discussions with the National Development and Reform Commission, would like to continue to expand areas of cooperation, and find the specific cooperation projects." As for the specific project, Mark Norbom that disclose the details, "but we will actively participate in China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue between the two countries. "

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