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Chongqing fire fight against massive flood disaster documentary

    Thunder and lightning, heavy rain, such as columns, monster flood four channeling. 3 to 4 August, Chongqing, parts of the case by a sudden rainstorm rare raid.
    Large rainfall, oncoming force of the fierce, scope, totally unexpected weight loss,booster cables landslides, roads were destroyed, houses were flooded and people trapped in the vehicle and other accidents occur frequently, people's lives and property threatened. The face of sudden disaster, Chongqing, police heard an emergency fire brigade strike,battery clip risking his own life, hunger and cold tolerance, selfless, continuous operations, take practical action to write one after another "people's fire for the people," the red life paean.

    Flood the country and people in fighting poverty.

    August 3 am 6 am, due to continuous heavy rain, resulting in deep water the road,tow rope traveling from River Tongliang County's bus bound for driving while being trapped in the flood, the car 17 passengers life and property safety emergency. Tongliang fire brigade alarm immediately after the start of natural disasters, emergency rescue, rescue forces deployed to the scene quickly implement the rescue. ratchet tie dowm The fire brigade arrived fasten your safety rope immediately, quickly trapped by the flood on the road to the central bus tours to ... .... After the bus arrived, the officers and men have the body of the life jacket while set to the trapped passengers immediately, while carefully tied the rope stranded passengers who use good security pre-laid rope, followed by the 17 trapped passenger safety to save to a safe area.

    12 noon, the county Bachuan a woman clinging to a river of waste wood, the water level rising rapidly along the downstream drift, the river has submerged to the neck of the woman, the situation is extremely critical. Alarm, fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene immediately put on life jackets, fasten your safety rope jumped into the river, braving the danger at any time by the river swallowed quickly swam to the trapped side, women trapped in time the emotional stability, and Woman trapped immediately put the safety rope, put on life jackets, from the turbulent flood rescue woman trapped landed successfully.

    19 hours later, the first primary Tongliang County and the surrounding lots experimental roads were buried by the flood, more than the school teaching the masses trapped inside the building, on-site emergency. 15 officers and men to carry rescue equipment, fire walk through two meters of flood, the location along the higher ground, to find their way to the flooded residential buildings, school buildings and other buildings one by one search and rescue trapped people and take "a bunch of one" way, respectively, to safely rescue the trapped people to safety.

    Life hands dig channels.

    At 4:59 on August 4, due to a night of heavy rain, Qijiang pro Yongxin River near the town of Sanyuan Bridge, one man am see heaven rain, worried about the excavator parked in the dam was washed away by the river , then hurried away to prepare rushed to the site, the sudden increase in river water at this time, efforts will blink excavator swallowed. Man hiding in the ceiling excavator curled swaying in the storm, probably because the river rise at any time or under the soil loose and die excavator, the situation is extremely threatening. County Fire battalion Liu Decheng, political commissar of the king led his unit into all rushed to the rescue. Rescue forces, in which less than a kilometer section of road hit by three times as a result of landslides blocked the road, the soldiers at any time may once again braving the danger of landslides, with a spade, cross pick, motorized chain saws and other tools, or even to take his hands plane, in the shortest time to open up a channel leading to the rescue scene. 5:35 or so, the rescue force arrived at the disaster scene smoothly.

    Time is life! Field commanders determined by site inspection immediately after the rescue plan, first, trapped at the location about 150 meters upstream, set up a treaty with the dumping device of a rope bridge 70 meters long, and tied with a life jacket, ropes, knives and other items life buoy rope bridge in the middle frame, both sides of the control buoy, to arrive safely trapped Department.

    Second, the use of the original set on the left main rope attached to a good rope, the buoy will be trapped around in different directions with three strands of force positioning, trapped by the use of tools after their buoy tied, and cut off the right side of main rope Rescuers then send it to shore.

    But the thought of trapped cell phone calls have been without electricity since a long time, around the fast flowing river to rescue workers trapped by a language can not communicate, less than a kilometer upstream of the dam water level has passed the danger, such as do not flood gate opening will be very dangerous, but if this time gate opening, will be trapped without any hope of survival! Decisive commander ordered the implementation of the proceed as scheduled at the same time, on the one hand to contact the county Water Conservancy Bureau, the request within the maximum delay in the discharge gate opening towards the rescue time; the other hand, sent emergency teams do not slide into the trapped the distant river, and actively get in contact with the trapped and set up the last line of defense. After the officers and men continue to ease, the overall state of mind of those trapped in relatively stable, learned the rescue intentions, and take the initiative with the rescue operation. Time is of the past, the river is still rising, the rescue work is still tense, "30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes ... ..." and finally, after nearly five hours the fire officers and men of the joint efforts of 10 am 30 points, landed successfully rescue trapped persons.
    Grief to come forward for risk.

    At 8:30 on August 3, Zitong Tongnan Bay Street office well after the garbage hill station from time to time have slipped down the dirt and sand, there was a small area of landslide. The two trees halfway up the mountain is "shaky", has been down the hill slope, once the fall, the mountain more than 30 households face the life and property will be seriously threatened. Meng Po, political commissar of the county fire brigade led by nine officers immediately sent out two fire engines rushed to the scene of emergency. After field reconnaissance, the site commander immediately decided to promptly notify the electricity, gas sector, cut off the electrical supply to threatened areas. Then, two fire fighters group consisting of the rapid delimitation site alert warning range, the establishment of the warning line, blocked roads, preventing independent entry into the danger zone. Meanwhile, three fire fighters and the district police station group consisting of the rapid evacuation of the mountain more than 30 families, 75 residents were evacuated, fully transferred to the secure area. Subsequently, the fire brigade quickly diversion ditches, remove stagnant water in the upper part of landslides, to prevent a greater area of the landslide, and two trees leaning firmly secured to prevent falling tree hit a house collapse of the residents, 9:24 All danger was successfully excluded.

    10:55, storm surge caused the water surrounding the ancient town, large areas of water hyacinth in the river bridge dong Ssangyong blocked and can not flood, the town lives and property of residents in an emergency. Eight fire officers and soldiers after more than an hour long journey to reach more than thirty kilometers outside the disaster site. The investigation found that the water surged around the ancient town, a large growth of water hyacinth in the water with the river flow downstream of the downstream river bridge dong Ssangyong tightly blocked, leading to rapid rise in water level upstream bridge opening, if not discharged, the water 1 meter rise again, possibly critical life and property of residents of the town. Danger is an order! The rapid deployment of field commanders for risk program, decided to select a good physical and men take turns lower river water clean water hyacinth, and clear the bridge opening, so that the normal escape the flood. Under extreme emergency, fire officers and men have come forward and volunteered to lower river for risk. Officers and men were the first to lower river quickly put on life jackets, two fire fighters, the department's safety rope, carefully lower the bridge will be two cranes to remove water hyacinth, were discharged from the ... .... As the turbulent flood did not have the balance of the body, they can not use the machine for risk, fire officers and men can only take turns in groups, to take a little bit with a sickle and hands to clear the water hyacinth ... ... finally, after more than 4 hours fire brigade fighting in the afternoon 17:40, successfully blocked the bridge opening to clean the water hyacinth, so quickly escape the flood, and remove the danger, to ensure that the town people's lives and property.

    15:00 pm, Chongqing Yanhui Packing Co. plant because of the drain plug, the rising water level in the plant a lot of water, threatening plant within the high-precision equipment. Tongliang quickly mobilize forces fire brigade rushed to the scene and immediately organized the rescue of officers and men carrying hand-carried mobile pumps, life jackets and rescue tools such as safety rope, at a depth of up to 1.5 meter plant implemented for risk, after half an hour of effort, timely sewer clear, the success to keep the hundreds of million of high-precision equipment.

    As the author at 22:00 on the 4th of press time, the city most of the county fire brigade's flood relief work is still ongoing tension.

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