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Western Electronics Show and the latest technology products Looking Hot

    Western Electronics Show in the upcoming August 27-29 at the Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition of components, instruments, electronic equipment, and other areas of manufacturers, distributors of electronic design industry for the Midwest to inject new blood.booster cables What this exhibition will bring technology and the latest hot product, then interpret for you.

    Western Electronics Show exhibition scale reached 11,000 square meters, battery clip about 400 exhibitors registered for the exhibition in various fields, including Changzhou Galaxy Electrical, Jun Yao E, Holy Stone of trade, creating four new electronic Beijing, Shaanxi Huaxing Electronic, Chaozhou ring, torch e,tow rope Changzhou Farah, Changzhou Galaxy Electrical, Brazil Mini Pa electronics, white development, Nantong hundred Acushnet tools, four Chuanchuan Jia Electronics, Hangzhou Ao Shima electronic and other international and domestic famous companies actively join.

    Show features products to industrial electronics, military electronics, aerospace electronics, information appliances and automotive applications such as products, ratchet tie dowm covering the entire electronics industry chain.

    Western E-business opportunities.

    By the international financial crisis, since the second half of 2008, electronic information products export growth declining, sales income growth rate dropped, the electronic information industry is facing severe challenges. First half of 2009, China's electronic information industry downward trend is still obvious, how to find new business opportunities and profit growth to become the current industry concerns.

    In addition to the State's policy of expanding domestic demand, with the western development strategy and a series of strategies reconstruction rapid advance to the central and western Sichuan and Chongqing, represented by showing a vast electronic information industry development, and product market space. Sichuan and Chongqing as the main features of industries, rapid growth has been steady over the past few years, industrial electronics, military electronics, aerospace electronics, information appliances and automotive electronics, is certainly on the recovery in the long journey of many upstream suppliers created excitement, they hope to explore here the application of emerging markets and new growth.

    "China Electronics Fair (CEF)" It was in Chengdu this year to enter the huge business opportunities in Western China. Western Electronics Show topic located in the "display for industrial applications and military electronics technology solutions," open up new applications fit the needs of the market. Main exhibits include: industrial / military grade electronic components, optoelectronic devices, high-performance integrated circuits, power modules; electronic materials; 3, the electronic based equipment, electronic tools; electronic measuring instruments and automatic test systems, computer / communications network testing equipment and instruments.

    Integrated electronic components.

    Electronic components are the cornerstone of an electronic information industry, was "the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" included in the nine areas of the revitalization, but also to be included in the three key industries, and fully demonstrates the importance of the electronic components industry. The main products include electronic components exhibition: RCL (resistance capacitance inductance type), EMI / EMC Class, sensor type, relays, connectors and other electronic products, optical class, power, clock, driver and protection of active devices such as switches, electronic materials for exhibits highlighting the Midwest industrial / military electronics, high-performance, high reliability-based features.

    Quanzhou torch is the first production-level military aerospace manufacturing capacitors, their research and development production of nickel electrode multilayer ceramic capacitor has a tantalum capacitor power dissipation of only 1 / 4, size, small size, ease of installation polarity advantages, can replace tantalum capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, as machine manufacturing reduce costs.

    Wei Di, Shenzhen City Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Metallized polypropylene film capacitor high-frequency loss, the internal temperature rise is small, flame-retardant epoxy resin powder coating is widely used in color TV S correction circuit, and a variety of high-frequency, high-current industrial applications. Zhe Jiang Hongbo Button Manufacture Co., Ltd. damage resistance of high strength metal buttons, light products, widely used in various industrial cabinets, appliances and electrical equipment industry, the key surface control system.

    As a multinational manufacturer of electronic components chip, AEM products include SolidMatrix single stone Fuse, chip varistor, chip beads, chip inductors, ultra-low capacitance ESD protection devices and other circuit protection components, in this exhibition, AEM and the various fuse products are resistant to high impulse current, very short time fuse, good weldability characteristics, is ideal for industrial applications.

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