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LED semiconductor lighting industry abnormal "rise" of Revelation

    July 25, from Hebei Province, the Government and the Institute for the CLP Group XIII semiconductor lighting joint venture (the LED) industry projects have been formally put into production, booster cables with a total investment of 3.9 billion.

    July 15, Hebei Province, North China invested 10 billion yuan to build largest LED industry base.

    July 1, the country's first LED local standards, "Guangdong Province,battery clip where the standard LED lights" began.

    Recently, 42 Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting (LED) production and research focus of the standard unit of Alliance signed to become the first domestic LED industry alliance.

    See the news,tow rope people have to sigh, LED industry seems to cross the spring, directly into the summer. But this unconventional development of LED industry has brought a lot of hidden dangers.

    East by the policy of the sky.

    "Now the LED business to do so much, more than 2,000 feet, the figure is too terrible." Shenzhenshiheng source Electric Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Liu Zhen in the "China's Sankei Shimbun,"ratchet tie dowm an interview such a sigh.

    According to Liu Zhen introduction, the source of constant is the first to enter the rail LED lighting manufacturer, when the enterprise has little to do LED, we are waiting and watching. The past two years, due to favorable policies to promote the LED industry to a large outbreak. The number of LED-related companies, Shenzhen, up by more than 700 in 2007, quickly developed into more than 2,000 today.

    LED of the outbreak, largely benefited from the December 2008 proposed by Ministry of Science and carry out the "city of ten thousand ten" LED pilot demonstration application of the idea of the city. March 16 this year, Secretary Ministry of Science and high-tech city of the original 10 to 21. The future of cities will get a subsidy, in public spaces such as roads, tunnels, parking lots and gas stations and other places, installing LED lighting.

    In fact, this is not the LED industry, the first outbreak, which previously appeared each time the outbreak of the shadow government. China's rapid growth in LED sales for the first time, was officially launched in 2003 national semiconductor lighting industrial project, a large-scale replacement of city traffic lights began. This is only a signal to drive the year 61% of China's semiconductor lighting market of high growth.

    According to report, when the LED is being whipped up a worldwide wave of reform lighting. Feel the great temptation in the LED, the then world's three major light industrial giants - GE, Philips, Austin Ramsey Group companies have set up lighting and semiconductor companies. U.S., Japan, chosen by the official establishment of the EU project budget and plans to introduce white LED lighting. Ministry of Science and with the world order in a timely manner, in conjunction with other ministries and official emergency start of the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project."

    The second development from the LED 2005 automotive interior LED lighting LED decorative lights market and the rapid growth momentum, relative the previous year, both grew by 53.1% and 133.3%. During the year, the domestic semiconductor LED lighting market sales exceeded 1 billion to 1.17 billion, compared with an increase of 49.0% in 2004.

    Financial crisis in 2008, when substantially reduced international demand, LED industry set their sights on the domestic market. Good policy is also followed, in December 2008 to carry out Ministry of Science and presented "Ten City, ten thousand" project. In addition, LED also by virtue of its long life and energy saving advantages, is defined as energy conservation, stimulating domestic demand initiatives important starting point, frequently appear in national ministries of the policy document and implementation outline.

    Landslides have taken place in each industry when, LED has bucked the market staged a good show.
According to CCID Consulting, China's LED market tracking research, in 2008 the total size of the Chinese LED market reached 18.54 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3%.
    "National Semiconductor Lighting Project" under the impetus of China's LED industry has taken shape, including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, LED chips preparation, LED chip, LED packaging, and product applications, including a relatively complete industrial chain. Shenzhen, Nanjing and other major cities have also answered the call, spending huge sums to build LED Industrial Park and industrial base, and to enact the relevant LED industry development plan. At present, China's LED industry has formed a large district 4, 7 large base of industry structure.

    Driven by the huge domestic demand, LED industry, prospects for the future, according to estimates Topology Research Institute of Taiwan, Mainland China in the "Ten City, ten thousand" and other policy driven LED street lamp market will demand this year, 1.4 million, next year is expected to also will grow 79%, reaching 2.5 million, accounting for more than 5 worldwide demand for LED lights into. In addition, the large-scale LED lighting and outdoor advertising applications will also be a rapid pace. According to "China's Sankei Shimbun," investment advisers come from a study shows that by 2010 the output value of China's entire LED industry will be over 150 billion yuan.

    The Government is not in a hurry.

    But such an "explosion" for the LED industry, especially the industry really is the best way street it? In many of the industry, the answer is no.

    LED industry, the outbreak of the face deformities, many people in the industry have said that the fast forward a bit too hasty, there are suspected of contributing to allocate vaccine.

    Liu Zhen said, LED industry needs a small to large, from single species to the diversity of the progressive development process. But LED lights to the industry as a sudden rise of the same.

    "In fact, these companies have been overwhelmed LED lights. These companies rise from last year, there are many problems, such as the threshold is too low, the product of varying quality, they simply can not afford the 'city of ten thousand ten' burden. If continue for another two years in this state, the merits of these enterprises will be fully reflected, when the time to reshuffle the cards are likely scenarios and even Ebb Tide. "Liu said Jane.

    "The bank will release the Government's drive hole. More and more speculators will enter the LED industry. In this way, is bound to make the industry happened 'false' surplus, and further result in the banks increased the proportion of bad debt bad debts." Shenzhen Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Long Senyuan sales manager who champions the "China Sankei Shimbun," said.

    Even has always been a strong supporter of China's LED Lighting Institute of the early Wu Yu, vice president in the "China's Sankei Shimbun," an interview also said, LED is indeed a good light, worthy of support, but do need stable government that can not be too hasty too fast.

    And, like many new industries, LED there are many areas for improvement, such as lack of core technologies and corresponding industry standards. According to report, more than half of the global LED lighting industry patents from Japan, mainland China accounted for only 5%. From the patent quality, the United States and Germany of high quality. The top five the number of patents are from Japan, the Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, NEC, Nichia Chemical.

    "So our LED exports often face this or that technology and patent barriers. For example, using the phosphor, blue phosphor increases, so people have a patent application, foreign enterprises are more extensive patent coverage." Shenzhen City Semiconductor Industry Association, Jinpeng, said in an interview.

    Last year, ITC (United States International Trade Commission) initiated a special LED patent infringement for the "337 investigation" of the case gave a reminder LED business.
According to the Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office said the case if lost, China will have nearly 1 billion dollars in LED products have been banned exports to the U.S..
    Accordingly, based on research and development of LED is very weak, the relative lack of innovation. Even in the occupied 44.3% share of the national market of Shenzhen, the patents are only 1121. 51.8% of which utility model, invention of only 30.8%, and dominated the second invention, the proportion of original invention is not high.

    Absence of industry standards into the development bottleneck.

    "As the LED road lighting products are also belong to the lighting industry 'newborn', LED industry has not introduced national standards, quality assessment based on nothing. All over the manufacturers specifications are not the same, once the business misfortune, sale and maintenance of the product is a big problem. "champion has said.

    According to report, at present there is only one China in the July 1 start of the "Guangdong Province, local standard LED lights." Even if the standard is the only place, is also suffering from the standard high, narrow, corporate drafting standards and other aspects of the fairness question.

    There was no due to the current industry leader in industrial development can be absolutely dominant, so that LED in terms of product specifications or measurements are the lack of appropriate standards. Currently on the market a wide range of LED lighting related products, products to fish, causing the market is not standardized. Also contributed to the diversity of the product difficult for enterprises to focus on large-scale production, so that the quality of LED lighting products be affected. To make use of various forms and LED lighting products, especially the market has started and the huge demand for LED lighting products have the correct road, reliable and consistent assessment system, the development of relevant standards has become urgent need of LED.

    "The market is sometimes short-sighted. Currently, LED lamps more expensive, consumers may prefer to buy high and low energy consumption but the price of traditional lamps, and will not accept higher prices of energy-saving products. In the market failure, when The Government needs to play a role. "China Construction News article pointed out.

    Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance, the Secretary-General Wu Ling R & D and in an interview, also said it is a bottleneck impeding the development of LED is the energy efficiency testing standards. "This semiconductor lighting technology is still in the stage of maturity, the whole world so far are not uniform testing standards, it is also relatively disorderly market competition. We should encourage businesses and industry standards, and then gradually rose to national standard, or the introduction of national standards do not, we can only wait. "Ling Wu said.

    Market awareness is not enough.

    In addition, LED products are wind and water does not seem to get consumer recognition and favor, mostly concentrated in the area of sales area of government procurement.

    "Do you know what LED you?" With this question a reporter interviewed 10 ordinary consumers. 3 of them said they only heard, but do not know, 6, said a preliminary understanding, familiar with only 1 person said, but no one expressed willingness to buy.

    Consumers do not buy it, we can only rely on the government foot the bill. It was champion, the domestic sales of LED products, or more concentrated in the lighting project, outdoor shows, public institutions billboards, displays and other areas of government support or compulsory purchase. "Although this part of the market has gradually matured, but also to the government seeking to bring too much space." Champion has been in the "China Sankei Shimbun," told reporters.

    "LED is not yet popular in the daily general illumination applications, is its current production costs and selling prices are closely related, LED prices than traditional lighting tools, much higher prices." Liu Zhen calculations to reporters, the people buy a fluorescent tube and ballast only 30 yuan, while the interior LED lamp takes a 150, a difference of 5 times.

    "The acceptance of energy-saving lamps is generally not high enthusiasm of ordinary consumers, not to focus on more expensive LED lights out." Liu Zhen said.

    Jinpeng said, leading LED major factor in the high price of the material cost of production cost. Now a LED, silicon cost to more than 50%, a lot of LED chips are made with sapphire substrate, and even some with the more expensive silicon carbide. Because of these factors exist, can not result in LED lighting on the daily short term residents of an effective universal.

    Irrational industrial structure.

    From the industrial structure, the LED in the high barriers to upstream products, technically demanding, difficult to enter the upper reaches of China's enterprises, but are mostly concentrated in the downstream industry.

    "LED on the issuance of the Shenzhen City Industrial Development Plan (2009 ~ 2015) notice" that, from the industrial structure, enterprises in Shenzhen City, although the LED cover all areas of the upper middle and lower reaches, but the proportion of disparities. According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen LED enterprises, enterprises in downstream applications, packaging companies, supporting approximately 33% of all enterprises, extension of chips in the upper reaches of enterprises accounted for only 1%. In addition, from the point of view of industrial structure, packaging, applications and related products each account for about 30% of total sales, 60% and 9%, while in the middle and upper reaches of the extension of the share of the chip is less than 1%.

    And, in all aspects of LED industry chain are the lack of a considerable size and strength of the leading enterprises. Existing large enterprises which leads the drive of the LED industry is not enough overall less competitive, professional division of labor between the cluster effect is far from being reflected.

    Bigger and stronger but also on their own.

    For future policy, has title suggests that the Government should not be launched in large quantities related application projects. The investment into research and development should be, especially in chip research and development, localization of the progressive realization of the core technology.

    Champion has also made the future direction of LED market predicted, in his view, lights, indoor commercial and outdoor lighting and display lighting engineering areas remain the focus of future development. Because, in these areas, LED has been able to energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no maintenance of the basic advantages of its head. The street and general lighting is not to fast development time.

    However, early Wu Yu thought that, LED lighting most new there are many advantages and some disadvantages. For these advantages and disadvantages that we should be treated objectively. For now, the luminous efficiency of 30% is an annual rate of growth, while the price of LED products, 20% to 30% annual rate in the fall. The current problems within a year or two should be addressed to get relief even from a development point of view, China is not inferior to Western developed countries.

    Huicong an article that LED lighting industry in China is facing an unprecedented policy opportunities, development prospects, but the LED industry, our ability to seize opportunities, bigger and stronger, ultimately rely on themselves. Independent innovation is the LED industry, the only way to break the siege. Only through constant innovation, the Chinese LED industry to open up a "Chinese style" road in the growing international competition to have more voice and led to the vast market opportunities in the bigger and stronger under the Chinese LED industry.

    China Electronics News, a report stating that, "the future of the domestic LED industry, not just the industrial and economic expansion, more importantly, to seize the second innovation is an established major independent intellectual property rights system opportunities. In the application of LED device products as an indicator of the times, the core technology fields heavily concentrated in the upstream, and is currently in the field of original core technology, a breakthrough in China's space between the LED industry is quite limited. In the current booming semiconductor lighting applications historical period, on the one hand in the traditional areas of intellectual property rights of technology breakthroughs in space, and a considerable number of important international patent is about to face the failure of the core; the other hand, is the focus of industrial development began to shift after the application field towers, each with distinct technological breakthroughs exist and different focus range, the establishment of China's semiconductor lighting applications in the field of intellectual property rights system is the right time, and the realization of this goal, we must build the entire industry, all position, work continued on the basis of scientific and technological innovation. "

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