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Idealists He Lumin

    Material deprivation of the last century, from the 80's, have started to enter the sub-areas of the humidifier, and has achieved 70% market share. After winning a single product, booster cables Asia are beginning to try to build strengths in new areas.

    He Lumin reflections.

    * Brand position is the final decision on the mentality of entrepreneurs.

    * People who have the greatest technical complex is the perfect type of self-pleasure beyond.

    * I generally divided into two kinds of people: those who enchant life is wealth, battery clip while another person is in the use of wealth for life.

    * A man to be shallow, you have to post.

    * Want to get business, be sure to stand the loneliness.

    * If an entrepreneur can not be resistant under the heart, determined to make a big deal,tow rope it can not be called a true entrepreneur.

    * Do not follow the fashion business. Hip is not keep up, and you might as well lead to other fashionable or trendy.

    He Lumin,ratchet tie dowm Beijing Yadu Indoor Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and chief scientist, has won the "outstanding builders Light of Science", "China's outstanding private technology entrepreneur award", "builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics" and so on . June 18, 2009, in "China Silicon Valley" Zhongguancun Software Park in Beijing, Asia is the headquarters of correspondents on his face to face interview.

    Reporter: He always, start talking about your experiences as a reopening of the air after the first graduate of Tsinghua graduate study in Japan, how did you become an entrepreneur?

    He Lumin: After graduating from Tsinghua University graduate students were sent to just have a chance, I was in the "RIKEN steel machine" corporate training. The Japanese boss said he was able to get Japan to make money because of rapid economic growth lifts (elevators) and his own career and the country's economic development tied to together. In this world there are two lifts, one in China, one in India. In 1987, I paid the Japanese side refused to stay, with 9 cases technical data home. I was a month earns 62 dollars, not as good as the old lady selling tea door, a fit of anger to resignation to start a business. Done so for over 20 years is finally in sight, sleepwalk this status to make.

    Reporter: As a scholar engaged in technology research, you and your contemporaries who start successful home-grown entrepreneurs different? Not only do not wear suits it!

    He Lumin: now two types of entrepreneurs, one is academic, one is a native of entrepreneurs. According to Asia more than 20 years are the development of this experience, I am graduating in business management, but not very formal, very learned rivers and lakes. Home-grown entrepreneurs who are in and McKinsey, Roland Berger cooperation standardized, and take the academic stuff, sometimes even to speak of these entrepreneurs is also possible Wenzhou Zhou's. I was wondering, this is the lack of Han make up what, same thing. Wearing suits is a question of form, the difference in ideology.

    Reporter: In China, people did not even have to watch TV the last century 80's, you enter the humidifier in the industry two years ago, are assembled from Taiwan. Material deprivation at that time, Chinese enterprises do not have any marketing knowledge, you shift the humidifier to sell to the Embassy, a huge success. Western proverb "typhoon came, pigs can fly", do you think Asia is an opportunist, or a strategy advocates?

    He Lumin: I am not an opportunist, not a strategic doctrine. I study air-conditioning professional, spent two years in Japan, when Japanese people with a humidifier is very common, I chose this. At that time opportunists who are engaged in foreign trade went.

Then we start the four split twice, the first points to the people out there who do foreign trade, the second to go do the real estate has proven they have done very well. This problem does not exist right or wrong.
    At that time I chose to sell at the embassy, many people think that is a strategy, it is not. I sold the first seven units a month, five foreigners bought two Chinese people to buy. After tracking the two men found in overseas Chinese in the Beijing office. We analyzed the Chinese do not accept the spending habits because of the problem, so he began to contact the staff of the embassy, and made a very convoluted advertising, "foreigners of foreign goods."

    We let Deng Shichang actor Li Moran made the spokesperson. Did not expect Beijing's people quickly accepted.

    Reporter: A complex man with engineers, is how the companies do a good job? In addition to technology, where your strengths? China's home appliances, IT is not core technology is not as well?

    He Lumin: In addition to technical advantages, it is the brand advantage. Our earlier work in this industry, but also more professional. From a consumer perspective, positioning, people wanted to bring Kia humidifier are, virtually the advantage of the achievements of the first category. The reasons for the formation of this brand is just our technology complex, the complex of my engineers, a person can not be resistant under the heart, determined to make a big deal, it could not be called a true entrepreneur .

    China's home appliances, IT is not core technology as well, first, because consumers do not find fault with China, the Chinese people, the market is in great demand; the second is the development of any industry needs a process, including technological progress.

    Reporter: According to media reports, you are most like the title Master of Engineering, have also been insisting Technology Asia first. Nevertheless, both the sub-80s of last century have to sell to the embassy or sponsoring the Olympic Games close with the U.S. GE Libo, or later "lease of air" concept, all that you are not only a technical victory in the believer, or a very pragmatic, had great marketing entrepreneurs.

    He Lumin: If you are marketing as a discipline, a technical problem to be solved is not it! Originated the idea of holding hands with the Olympics is due to a reading of the Beijing Olympics will be material. Tokyo Olympic Games, the Swiss brand has been the International Olympic Committee Omega timing equipment suppliers, and in the Tokyo Olympic Games, Seiko Omega replaced by price competition as an Olympic supplier. The Olympic Games logo appears on all timers are Seiko, thus, became Japan's Seiko watches the world. That is, from this Olympic Games, the Japan Table 5 years with a gradually defeated the Swiss watches, and led the research, there has been electronic movement, electronic form. Swiss Omega watch since plummeted, and later after several years of effort, time and returned to the Olympic stage equipment.

    At that time, I made up my mind to Asia have become sponsors of the Beijing Olympics, but General Electric (GE) is a top Olympics sponsor, and universal products have covered the air purifier, the air conditioning equipment with the corresponding function. Later we will study opponents, found in the United States Customs directory are lung air purifier medical equipment, rather than air conditioning. So we argue, the laws of the United States to deal with General Electric, have won the Asia, May 11, 2006 the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, air humidifier purifier exclusive supplier, this is the first Olympic Games in Beijing, the sole supplier.

    As for the "air-lease" concept, in fact the Chinese had a long office lease bonsai trees and flowers. We lease the equipment only, extension of that issue forward, "air lease" concept came out, this more vivid, more believable.

    Reporter: Asia is a single product profitability humidifier What is the secret? Is how to follow up on blocking those?

    He Lumin: power of the product so that consumers have a brand beliefs, brand can be transformed into a price advantage this time.
Category Leader can make rules, the price of the initiative in our hands, there is a premium capability. Ability of domestic premium brands are very small, only you do better than foreign brands but also professional and consumer to believe in your good quality.
    In order to check later, we use "colonial theory." First started taking the election a number of difficult terrain on the local dug trenches, put the water, the best support on the crocodile, is the former colonies to do so. A new class, you first occupation, the special vocabulary, standards, patents are registered. For example, we put the value of cleaner first lap of the three areas together, in addition to tobacco, sterilization (resolved flu), pesticides (to solve the decoration). Standards in this area a total of only 2,000 kinds, we have registered over 400, which is then artificially create a lot of those barriers.

    Reporter: Asia are the key competitors?

    He Lumin: the United States.

    Reporter: Compared with the United States, your assets and brand influence, has not a small gap, but you there is a 70% market share of the humidifier. What is the root cause?

    He Lumin: The United States is to do the fan started, and do nothing after the brand extension, from the channel in terms of efficiency, high utilization rate of the U.S. channel, channel cost is low, the price is low. But the consumer does not recognize the brand, that the United States humidifier not professional, consumer and brand recognition is precisely proportional to the cost channel. We still "are equal to the humidifier Asia" brand strategy, estimated to be less threatened Recently.

    Reporter: Asia have very high market share in the humidifier, while the limitations of the industry have been reflected in the overall economies of scale not shown, are prepared for this sub-strategic plan for what?

    He Lumin: a single product that is profitable at the expense of size. Now look, the first sub-category are humidifier, but it also limits the development of enterprises. Because the industry is limited, you are market share of 70%, but the total scale or small. We considered products, but has done a cleaner, available from the market into perspective, two billion invested in 2000, still unable to establish a cleaner category advantage.

    TCL do before the phone. Transformation with a "trump card", but then do TCL ace TV bigger than the phone. Haier brand generalization to every industry is not doing very well. Haier was originally white, then do everything, now a gray electricity, all of a sudden becomes more competitors to disadvantage.

    The cost of a single product channel is a big problem. Best to solve this problem is P & G, a path with more than forty brands. Currently, Asia is the biggest confusion and the humidifier is connected together, and want to do the other, the education market is very difficult. Therefore, we are prepared to adopt a new brand strategy.

    Reporter: What is your favorite type of staff? You most want people to say that?

    He Lumin: I do not particularly critical of the idea. Highest state of art is the degree of certainty, the same man. As long as not too much, I leadership, including staff are very tolerant, especially as we have this kind of enterprise, most of technicians. My main responsibility is to discover the strengths of employees, to give him to find a suitable job.

    I most want employees say, is "a man to light, has to be special."

    Reporter: "It is because art is full of all the flowers to the distinguished field", sub-license are from the Disney cartoon character with the beginning, it had already begun, "Electric Art", and achieved very good results, how do you take into account R & D and consumer research?

    He Lumin: Asia is a humidifier with the Disney image from market research. Humidifier summer No, but no place to put. Analysis to analyze the go, decided to beautify the box and let consumers openly in a prominent place, so people like to use a cartoon image.

    In fact, many technologies are not sophisticated, but the consumer needs. Lenovo previously only 9% market share in China, they do not compete with Dell's market. Liu used a move, a key to the Internet, is very effective. Philips Juicer most profitable to start a lot of trouble, you need to cut the fruit is good, the nuclear stripping out before you put them to squeeze. Do you want to, cut all cut, and nuclear are stripped directly does not have to eat! So when Philips was manufactured with a big mouth juicer, fruit juice washed into them, and then the use of sophisticated filtering technology to filter out on the line core.

    The goal of all scientific research is not only for the technology research and development, the focus is analysis of consumer perception, the consumer experience. Would like to spread a simple, technology is only for overstating the industry threshold.

    Reporter: The biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs is determined between the present and uncertain future to make the right choice. You said, Asia is the first 20 years you have the final say, after 20 years do not. If one day Asia are facing difficulties, you will not bid for county commissioner? From the reality of Chinese enterprises and the household appliances industry specific situation, whether it is the Ni Runfeng Changhong, Lenovo's Liu or have ever had such a move.

    He Lumin: final status brand mentality of entrepreneurs and what technologies are not leading for 20 years. The development of enterprises always twists and turns, when companies go wrong, you can only do what the reach of force and energy. Going to rain, the mother will get married, who said companies are not life and death. So many times I'd rather stand.

    Reporter: Many of the world are all excellent ideas entrepreneurs, the business is a tool to achieve their vision. You as the "father of China's air industry," What is your philosophy? Asia is the management model?

    He Lumin: Asia's rivers and lakes have a very heavy gas, although I was born academic, but I am tired of management, trouble trivial things. Our overall business management is responsible for the text, I am responsible for technology research. Asia short summary of the management model are not out, a bit like a "dual-leadership system," while Asia is open to all management experience. Employees and R & D personnel with a lot of my time to fight, but always have a make a decision of it, because I am in this position, and can only say: so be it.

    I have no idea of this man, I do not care about size, reputation, only care about one, and my product quality. One of the greatest happiness is the perfect type of self-transcendence.

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