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Urgent out of high-end import dependence Broaching

    "Foreign technology blockade of broaching a very serious, we basically rely on a number of high-end products from Germany, the United States, Japan,booster cables Italy and other imports, and import trend is getting worse." In recent days, pull plug Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Executive Vice plane President Tanjian Wu told reporters on the China Industry News,battery clip breaking the monopoly of foreign Broaching high-end products and technological blockade is imperative.

    Broaching the slow development.

    As a high efficiency, suitable for the manufacture of large quantities of metal cutting equipment, broaching machine is mainly used in automobiles,tow rope motorcycles, agricultural machinery, aviation and construction machinery and other industries. Although the ratio of metal cutting machine tools currently only 0.8% to 1%, but because of its size and shape of the location of processing, high precision, easy operation and maintenance, processing, low cost and easy to automate, ratchet tie dowm broaching increasingly wide range of applications, the process within the range from the general plane broaching holes and extended to more complex surface machining.

    Broaching machine industry in China can be traced back 50 years last century former Ministry of Machinery, established in Changsha Machine Tool Works "plane pull plug Changsha Institute." After half a century, the domestic broaching machine products from generic products to the former Soviet Union made, the enterprise also produced by the then developed to a point more than co-exist. It is understood that broaching a process to completely replace traditional milling, grinding, planing three processes, but due to the slow development of domestic broaching, and could not be better to promote, so broaching machine tools in metal cutting machine tools has been in non-mainstream status. "Added by process equipment, testing equipment, the domestic impact of quality fittings, in the broaching of the species, size, yield, quality, delivery and technical level, we have still a wide gap with foreign countries." Tanjian Wu told reporter.

    Embodied in these gaps, the first product design methods are backward, poor product technical reserves. "Basically, our broaching machine design experience is still using the traditional hand calculations and analogy, slow and easy to go wrong and affect the progress of new product development and product quality, and some manufacturers also meets the current market, the lack of use of generation, development generation, the generation of long-term strategic development goals, develop their own poor. "Tanjian Wu said.

    Secondly, the overall structure of broaching, assistive devices, auxiliary equipment, etc still remain common in the general level of design and manufacturing process, the lack of an independent advanced scientific design, manufacture, sale and technical service capabilities. And by domestic CNC, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and other ancillary components, constraints, and broaching of the functional composite and automation level is relatively low.

    In addition, some product structure design is unreasonable, inappropriate use of materials and heat treatment, imperfect means of detection, but also a direct impact on their geometric precision broaching and machining accuracy.

    "High-speed broaching the foreign auto industry has been widely used," Tanjian Wu told reporters, "has a hundred years of history of the German KarlKlink Broaching manufacturing company has developed a broaching speed of 60 m / min or more of the hardened pieces of broaching, and our Broaching the current maximum speed of only 11 m / min. "

    It is understood that the largest domestic production broaching machine broaching force 1200kN, the largest broaching stroke 3000mm, while the maximum tension reached foreign 1600kN, and species than the whole, product series, a high degree of general-purpose, short delivery time . "We are the development of CNC spiral broaching machine is only just beginning, while the Corporation of Japan and Germany KarlKlink Fujio company back in the 80s of last century had produced a larger tonnage of CNC spiral broaching, in addition, they developed a CNC crankshaft car broaching machine, broaching broaching centers and automatic lines. "Tanjian Wu said.

    R & D to speed up the pace.

    Insiders said that among the international front has been compared to the machine tool industry, in particular drill boring class machining centers, broaching machine manufacture in China, remains the second and third levels. As the automobile and other manufacturing industries in an increasingly competitive, its broaching precision, efficiency, flexibility, reliability, versatility, environmental protection and other requirements are also increasing.
    Changsha Machine Tool Works now, Changsha plug pulled planing, broaching machine Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jinyun Samsung and other domestic enterprises have to meet the domestic demand for low-end market, but it is basically a high-end market dominated by foreign products. "China's automotive, military, aviation and other industries in some of the key components of the process, yet have to spend huge sums of money, broaching machine imported from abroad." Tanjian Wu told reporters. According to the China Machine Tool Industry Association Marketing Department statistics show that from 2005 to 2007, annual domestic demand for imports account for broaching half.

    "A medium-type (20 tons) of NC spiral broaching machine, imported from abroad require thousands of yuan, while China is developing the same type of product measured by the cost of only 100 million," Tanjian Wu told reporters that the product is mainly automatic transmission for the car in the processing and R & D within the helical ring gear, and now basically rely on imports. As the market for automatic transmission of the increased demand, the domestic procurement of broaching the model is more and more. "Accelerating the development is a priority. In broaching the field, we still have a lot of gaps to be filled."

    "China will become the world's largest producer of cars, and auto parts are also being gradually incorporated into the global procurement system, parts exports increased year by year," Tan Jianwu that these goals, forced us to quickly develop, develop high-tech The broaching machine, to provide users with a high level of turn-key projects, the maximum to meet market requirements.

    Obviously, also accelerating the pace of domestic enterprises. It is understood that China's first since 2006, has developed proprietary internal broaching machines on the pull after pull plug Changsha plane has mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing company have developed China's first pull-up and China's first with CNC Spiral Broaching automatic loading and unloading of automatic programmable pull-up internal broaching machines. Changsha Machine Tool Works is also developed in 2008, the largest internal broaching - Broaching tonnage of 120 tons of two-cylinder vertical broaching machine.

    "Currently, we are moving dead lift, drum broaching machine, broaching center into the area," Tanjian Wu said, "a drum broaching alternative high-speed hobbing machine 9, and dead lift cutting technology is only in recent years abroad developed, it changed the traditional process, broaching the quenching directly after forming, supporting parts can ensure the accuracy and surface roughness, but also improve efficiency. "

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