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Delphi leadership and promote the development of standardized wiring harness

    Data exchange format developed for the automotive universal standard is based on many reasons, not only because in recent years,booster cables automotive electrical and electronic components continues to increase, and the necessary number of design and development tools is also increasing. battery clip Since different stages of the project, a variety of different vendors and technologies exist, resulting in the development process at beam-line data compatibility issues.
    As often need to spend a lot of time to manually convert several different data, tow rope resulting in increased production time and costs.

    Earlier this year, to meet the standard wiring harness development,ratchet tie dowm Delphi is in the German Automobile Industry Association VDA (Verbandder Automobilindustrie) and ProSTE PiViP (a project based Information Technology Association) in Germany at the annual Weissach KBL Day , and the industry's leading manufacturers and suppliers for standardized products related strategies and available status was discussed.

    KBL (full name Kabelbaumliste) in German means "Harness Description List (harness description list)", is to harness the development area between suppliers and OEM manufacturers open data exchange standards. In this event, Delphi, Delphi shows Velocity ? tool chain used for wire harness parts development process. Delphi Packard Electrical / Electronic Systems Senior Systems Engineer, the German Automobile Industry Association head of the working group was made by Mr. Norbert Haubner, entitled "Automotive design process chain (Process Chain Car Electric) Working Group: KBL and our expectations of the formation of , "keynote speech, introduced the current results and future goals.

    What is the KBL? Why develop KBL?

    To achieve standardization of data exchange to help online beam production of the manufacturing process to save time and reduce costs, some of OEM manufacturers and suppliers under the German Automobile Industry Association VDA a working organization. Delphi is one of the founders of the organization. In 1999, the group developed the initial version of KBL as the automotive standard. Soon after, the group is divided into two groups - ECAD and VDA Working Group Implementers Forum. Since 2002, the two groups led by Mr. Haubner.

    "KBL quickly across borders to become a global car manufacturer for an international standard." Haubner said Mr.

    KBL is designed as a standardized bridge for the development and production process large amounts of data interfaces. KBL describes the development and production process of wiring harness OEM manufacturers and suppliers of data exchange standards, typically used for OEM manufacturers and suppliers need to harness the data exchange some or all of the circumstances. Description language can be read by any browser, you will need a special tool to automate the face of dealing with existing applications. KBL V1.5 first version released in 2002, then after several upgrades and modifications, and gradually become an established standard of the automotive industry, is the vast majority of OEM manufacturers and system vendors used in harness development.

    KBL with Delphi's Velocity ? tool chain.

    KBL is the exchange of data an integral part of the concept, and the use of Delphi KBL Velocity ? tool is only one aspect of the package. Delphi Velocity ? tool suite includes a complete set of design, analysis and simulation tools, seamless access to OEM data. Moreover, these tools are linked to a common shared database. Compared with the manual, these tools can make projects faster and more accurate work is completed, further analysis and evaluation levels.

    From the electrical / electronic architecture, system design, technical innovation and ability to design for manufacturing, whether it is a new design or engineering changes, Delphi Electronics / Electrical Systems team can use the Velocity ? tool chain for the various needs of our customers to make quick reaction.

    Delphi Electrical / Electronic Architecture for the vehicle to bring great power and signal distribution network to cope with increasing complexity of today's car structure. Delphi engineers, as the vehicle electrical / electronic architecture designers, including the use of a set of design, analysis and simulation tools for Velocity ? tool chain to create a vehicle electrical / electronic architecture of the virtual model, and even more to the very end of the connector electronic centers, electrical module and wiring harness system. Through virtual models, and 31 countries worldwide Delphi technical centers and production business support, Delphi engineers were able to weigh the various options, and ultimately the optimization of electronic / electrical systems.

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