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To create a CNC machine tool remanufacturing business

    Although ownership of the machine close to 700 million units, has become the world's largest machine tool to maintain state, but the overall level of machine is still relatively backward, many of the 20th century, booster cables 80 years before the product is still extended service, can not meet the requirements of precision .
    According to statistics, more than 10 years of military age accounted for 60% of the machine,battery clip these machines in the next 5 to 10 years could face overhaul or enhance functionality or technical out of retirement to form a considerable scale can be re-producing potential recycling resources.
    NC remanufacturing promising.
    CNC machine tools, tow rope by the "Machine Tools", is the digital control technology and precision manufacturing technology, crystallization of a typical representative of advanced manufacturing equipment. In recent years, China-made high-precision machine tools,ratchet tie dowm CNC machine tools and large-scale production of machine tools although growing rapidly, but the base is too small in the share of machine tools is still not high.

    At the same time, our rate of CNC machine tools is also very low. According to the China Machine Tool Association statistics, from 2000 to 2006, China's equipment manufacturing plant produced a total of 290,400 sets of CNC equipment, exports about 3 million units, domestic sales to 260,400 units; total imports of CNC equipment 2.2 million units. In 2007, China-made CNC machine tools more than 12 million units. In addition, in the "fifth" period of about 10 million renovation of CNC equipment, coupled with China about 2000 years ago to maintain nearly 90,000 sets numerical control equipment, which estimates that about our current CNC equipment to maintain 70 million units.

    At present, the overall rate of NC machine tools was increasing year by year trend, according to statistics, China's NC rate of 3.2% in 1992 and increased to 13.3% in 2005. However, unlike Japan, the United States, Germany and other developed countries 60% to 70% of the production rate of NC and 80% to 90% of the value of NC rate compared to China's CNC machine tool equipment, the level of rates still seems too low.

    60 years since the 20th century, many of our major projects a large number of imported and home-made large, heavy-duty equipment. The mechanical parts of the machine after years of use and maintenance, better stability. NC transformation of the heavy, large-scale transformation of the machine, saving more money, especially meaningful.

    Since reform and opening, China imported a large number of CNC machine tools. At present, most of the machine has been used 10 to 30 years, and accuracy of its mechanical body intact, and other electrical parts CNC system is aging and in urgent need of transformation.

    Spare parts of foreign discontinued, hard to buy. If all the numerical control system into a new foreign systems are very expensive, even if modified, because the numerical control system replacement abroad soon, might not take 10 years, 10 years after trying to reform.

    In addition, the 20th century, 80 years, producing a large number of stepper motor-controlled economy with CNC machine tools, due to low precision stepper system, lost step, the system is not reliable, a large number of these machines are now lying nest in need of rehabilitation.

    Aging of the general machine tools and CNC machine tools CNC remanufacturing, not only with the purchase of new machines can achieve the same effect: to improve processing quality and productivity components and shorten the manufacturing cycle, improving the working environment; but also can reduce capital investment, and purchase compared to the new machine, you can save 50% of the funds. As an economic type CNC machine tool remanufacturing the price of the same features of new CNC machine tools is only 1 / 5 ~ 1 / 3.
    In short, in the current economic situation, re-manufacturing of CNC machine tools in China has great significance at this stage can be significant savings in equipment investment, with little cost to obtain performance of advanced CNC machine tools, improving processing efficiency and processing quality; can to enhance the business performance of existing machine tools to effectively enhance their manufacturing capabilities. , Will also form a new machine in our re-manufacturing and service industries, with important economic, social and environmental benefits.
    NC system ushered in opportunities.

    A specific CNC machine tools manufacturing engineering major work again includes both mechanical and electrical renovation, mainly: precision machine tools to restore and enhance, restore and enhance the precision of movement, CNC system and servo system selection, auxiliary device selection, and the machine commissioning, testing and other aspects of machine tools. Among them, the CNC system and servo system selection and use of the key benefits directly affect the project. NC machine tool remanufacturing several elements summarized as follows:

    First, the precision mechanical transmission parts to restore and improve the use of military age were the increase in bed, the machine's mechanical drive components such as rail, screw, bearings and others have varying degrees of wear and tear. Therefore, the machine then the primary task of the manufacturing process is similar to the usual machine tools to repair, to restore the machine precision, to a new machine tool manufacturing standards, therefore, re-manufacturing of CNC machine tools can be combined to carry out overhaul of machine tools, but tools accuracy of NC machine tool requirements and general overhaul of machine tools are different, that is, the accuracy of the machine tool part restoration and improvement of mechanical transmission, must meet the structural characteristics of CNC machine tools and CNC automatic processing of requirements, and should Characteristics of a batch overhaul.
    Second, the selection of CNC system and servo system according to reconsiderations manufacturing machine tools to CNC control functions required, select the appropriate numerical control system is essential, directly determines the success or failure of re-manufacturing of CNC machine tools. Because the CNC machine tool numerical control system is the command center, the choice of various functions in addition to considering the time to meet the requirements, but also must work to ensure that the system reliability. Generally cost performance to select and give due consideration to service and fault repair the situation. Such as the selection made, the grade control system, will be the next operation, programming, maintenance and so bring greater convenience. Servo drive system selection, but by then the performance requirements of CNC machine tools manufacturing decisions. Supporting the use of the same company if the supply of CNC system and servo drive system, then the quality and maintenance of manufactured products more easily guaranteed.

    Third, the CNC machine tool ancillary equipment in the CNC machine tools and then select the manufacturing process, according to the selected machine control assistive devices. Such as square or hexagonal selected to achieve the electric turret for automatic conversion tool, knife-digit by the choice of the main technical requirements of the workpiece to be machined decision. As most of the CNC machine auxiliary device is in the country has a lot of manufacturers supporting the supply, so their products can be selected after the corresponding position in the machine instructions to install and adjust.

    Fourth, cabinet design and production of electrical control of the general functional requirements of machine tools and CNC machine tools are not the same. So the old CNC machine tool remanufacturing, the original machine's electrical control some of the general can only be scrapped and re NC Remanufacturing by design requirements. Strong electric control part of the circuit design, numerical control system based primarily on input and output interface functions and control requirements to carry out. Control of NC Machine Tool part of the design of strong electricity to note that the NC system interface signals to match the features and form, and simplify the design process should be strong electrical control lines.

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