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Ningbo United Nations procurement mission to win the opportunity to purchase printing and other industries

    "To sell their products to the United Nations agencies is difficult, and now the door has such a good opportunity, how can you miss?" Yesterday, general manager of Ningbo Food Co., booster cables Dongxiang Mao Mao Qing, told reporters. He said a good opportunity for the Eighth International Consumer Goods Fair is an important set by the United Nations Procurement Matchmaking Fair ---.battery clip This is the first delegation to United Nations Procurement Division Ningbo procurement, eager to expand the market for now, by order of the export enterprises, great attraction.

    More than 200 export enterprises in Ningbo join the United Nations procurement matchmaking seminars, tow rope relevant personnel of the United Nations Procurement Division selection is confirmed, including Ching-mao 43 companies, including food products meet the procurement needs for,ratchet tie dowm to get the matchmaking of the procurement tickets.


    Want to ride the United Nations procurement.

    Ningbo more than 200 companies signed up.

    Should be invited by Ningbo Municipal Government, the United Nations Procurement Division in ZJITS, Consumer Goods Fair will be held during the special purchasing instructions, the United Nations Procurement Division Procurement Commissioner Ms. Elisabeth Eckerstrom President, responsible for member services liaison and procurement seminar Coordinator Ms. Lisa Fraser President and the Chinese Association will conduct a special trip to the United Nations procurement sourcing guide Laiyong docking activities.

    The news in early May by the Ningbo Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau, the counties (cities, districts) to convey to the foreign trade departments large and small export enterprises in Ningbo, many companies responded positively. Many of the export of Ningbo predators have expressed strong interest. Cixi Import and Export Co., Ltd., Ningbo Xinhai Electric Co., Ltd., wishful Co., Ltd., the BASE NINGBO FOREIGN TRADE Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have enrolled in seminars.

    The reporter saw a notice displayed, Ningbo Municipality as of the first set of application time on May 20. "To the May 27, when 204 companies have enrolled in seminars, and normally this time is closing. But until today, there are companies fax over." Yesterday, Ningbo Municipality trade promotion at work personnel Zhu Tianyu told reporters. Late step in that business, trade promotion at the earnest hope that will allow them to catch the last train.

    "Now the context of the financial crisis, foreign orders shrink, companies are trying to expand the export market, increased orders, purchase orders of the United Nations is appealing." Yinzhou Area with the head of enterprise application Fong said that if the product can be the United Nations Purchase orders do not increase, said the company is also proud one in the industry.

    United Nations Procurement Group is the world's largest international procurement organizations. It Laiyong for procurement, the Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Yu Danhua say so, "do not knock on the door, never open the door without knocking; to knock on the door, and maybe there is hope." And have this attitude of the companies also quite a few buses. "What should be the opportunity to fight again." Along acoustic communication Equipment Co., Ltd. Ningbo, the business manager of thought.


    The first short-listed 43 companies.

    Knowledge cramming purchasing executives.

    Matchmaking and instructions to join the United Nations will be more than 200 enterprises, foreign trade bureau to collect information to its related products in the form of messages passed to the relevant United Nations Procurement Division staff. Confirmed by their selection, they selected 43 export enterprises in Ningbo to attend the United Nations Procurement Matchmaking Symposium. This means that these companies can directly with the United Nations Procurement Division in the words of the previous staff.

    43 enterprises, there Cixi Import and Export Co., Ltd. Ningbohanzhe, Xiangshan Ningbo Bo Paul Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Jiangdong Kema Shi Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., etc., most of which share Ninghai enterprises, accounting for 10 . The company's products from the selected type of view, the main cargo products and services into products, goods, products related to home appliances and electronics, metal products, tools, stationery, food, tents, etc., while the products are related to freight forwarding services, construction, etc. and so on.
    "Officially registered, we will be able to become suppliers of the United Nations Procurement Division had." As one of 43 companies, an enterprise business executives Ninghai Cheng Liang said that his company "list", he has been bad mend the knowledge on the United Nations procurement.

    Stand out from more than 200 enterprises, access to tickets for the United Nations procurement matchmaking some enterprises said he was happy. Xiangshan only a "list" Enterprise Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is Ningbo Bo Lu, the main production of lights, tunnel lights, spotlights and other products, in addition to digital cable and other products.
    Ling Jiang, business manager, said the company products in the market around the world, especially popular in Europe and America, "quite possible that our products through intermediaries have entered the United Nations procurement." And, if so, if Borouge direct and Lighting Technology buyers connected to the head the United Nations, is a good thing for both sides. For the United Nations Procurement Division, they can reduce procurement costs, and lighting technology can Borouge to the original portion of the profits earned by middlemen and incorporate it into their own.

    Reporters found that some companies expressed concern about. City clerk of a foreign trade export enterprises Wu Wei Group in the United Nations Procurement Division learned that the procurement procedures, "said a United Nations Procurement Division of the potential suppliers, only the first step. After the way I am afraid it is difficult to go."


    List of United Nations procurement project is very rich.

    May 26, Ningbo Municipality announced on its Web site procurement operations of the United Nations Procurement Division list of companies that will purchase the business matchmaking and the United Nations list of enterprises. Matchmaking companies unable to obtain tickets to some not understand, why not allow them to companies in the butt? What is the United Nations need to purchase the product? Enterprises still have the chance in the future? These are they want to know.

    The United Nations in the end need to purchase what? United Nations Procurement Division staff said they need the list of goods and services categories are as follows: goods products, there is food, medicine, vehicles, computers and software, telecommunications equipment, laboratory equipment, chemicals, building materials; services, products, safety services, human services, outsourcing, engineering services, construction, community services, freight services, printing services and equipment leasing, advisory services and telecommunications services.

    That this did not get tickets to the United Nations procurement matchmaking, there are opportunities for companies from the United Nations after the order? The answer is yes.

    June 10 will be held the morning of the United Nations Procurement Division docking seminars, participants were asked to bring their own laptop. By then, the United Nations Procurement Division staff will introduce them in detail, how the United Nations Procurement Division to the application for registration, the qualification through the audit as potential suppliers for future procurement bids received information and with the United Nations and its agencies on trade negotiations. The designated supplier of Chinese companies available to purchase post-qualification bid information of whether to bid for the tender responses, such as the lack of response within six months will be removed.

    The instructions did not participate in United Nations procurement's corporate butt, if you want to become suppliers of the United Nations Procurement Division, or you can contact with the Chinese Association for United Nations procurement.

    "The United Nations global procurement sourcing in recent years amounted to more than 130 billion U.S. dollars, while Chinese companies only account for 1% of total purchases, up a huge potential." Yesterday's news briefing ZJITS Consumer Goods Fair Ningbo City Ding Haibin, Deputy Secretary of Foreign Trade said. According to him, some of the products produced in China has entered the United Nations procurement system, of which a considerable part of the write-off by middlemen, the United Nations Procurement Division hope that more can be imported directly from China brand products.


    Products into the United Nations fame and fortune.

    Enterprises enter the international market with gold signs.

    International Consumer Goods Fair held during the United Nations Procurement Matchmaking Symposium, the Government set up the stage for companies to put in the show. Although before the United Nations procurement agency of Ningbo enterprises to purchase, but the United Nations Procurement Division group Laiyong procurement, directly sent over the procurement staff is the first time, the scale for the most previous.

    Products have successfully entered the United Nations agencies are not many enterprises in Ningbo, Ninghai Stationery Enterprise Binbin Group is one of them. Bin-bin early on began to actively expand the international market and the rest of the world's major international tender business. Since 2003, Bin-bin started in cooperation with UNICEF.

    "We get the purchase orders had the biggest United Nations is 2000 million U.S. dollars, when in 2007. Then, after another received the order, a few million dollars to the millions of dollars range." Binbin Weicheng Hui said the veterans group, the United Nations institutions to purchase items for their school supplies, school bags and all kinds of stationery.

    Cixi QiDi Electric Group of China, in 2005, the United Nations has received $ 20,000,000 worth of air-conditioning purchases alone. The company's overseas institutions who run into United Nations procurement official, after further negotiations and site visits, the other that the company's products relatively cheap, and purchased 10 million air conditioning.
    United Nations Procurement Division of the suppliers, so take out the name of the first really quite useful. Weicheng Hui said, then fame and fortune alone, the United Nations procurement, corporate image has also been improved. QiDi Electric Group exhibition, said Zhou Qi, air conditioning, the news spread by the United Nations procurement, the company will end in one fell swoop into the European and American markets.

    Doing business with the United Nations to the world of Chinese enterprises is indeed a good channel. Although the United Nations supplier firms are not allowed to directly advertise products to the United Nations, but to become the United Nations procurement of goods, in itself means that enterprises through a rigorous inspection, can become the flagship enterprises to enter international markets.


    Enterprises only have a passion is not enough.

    English website built is very important.

    Speaking at the International Consumer Goods Fair to be held during the next United Nations Procurement Matchmaking Symposium, Ningbo United Nations Procurement Division of the two suppliers have said that this golden opportunity, "as companies find themselves on the United Nations Procurement Division, would not be so convenient. "

    And "from people" on how to cooperate with the United Nations Procurement Division has done some reminders. "If you want to do business with the United Nations, first you have some knowledge of English, will do the English bid." Weicheng Hui said. Therefore, the United Nations procurement, enterprise and enthusiasm is not enough light, have to be prepared.

    What to do to prepare? At present, some Chinese SMEs lack the necessary English language skills, providing product specification is not Chinese, is English that is not authentic.

    In addition, many enterprises in developed countries have paid great attention to the Internet are now selling their products and services, often through the United Nations Procurement Division related to the network to find potential suppliers. "However, we Chinese companies has not done enough in this regard, although some Chinese enterprises also have their own websites, but they are Chinese, do not enter the United Nations Procurement Division. With the deepening of China's opening up and wanted to exports The companies must take some effort to establish English website. United Nations Procurement Division in line to see hope that more Chinese companies in English Products. "

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