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TV "TM": business people a bit dizzy with high discount

    May 19, appliance, "TM" approved; June 3 TM "plan" was promulgated, appliance, "trade" activities in the television sets, refrigerators, washing machines,booster cables air conditioners, computers Category 5 appliance manufacturers to begin the pilot started. Appliances active renewal activities will not only help the domestic consumer market,battery clip to help tide over the difficulties the national economy financial crisis, more conducive to strengthening the recycling of used appliances to protect the environment, and conducive to the public from the fundamental benefits.

    In the appliance trade activities, is undoubtedly the bulk of TV products.tow rope According to statistical data, out of reach of age, over-age service of home appliances, there is one every three Taichung is the TV product. The main reason for this situation arising is that as home entertainment, TV was the most important people in the spiritual life, spiritual wealth of the carrier, ratchet tie dowm its market penetration of other home appliances remote plateau. Meanwhile, China's color TV products compared with other appliances in the use of strength, the extended service clear leader on both the length of time. In a sense, home appliance trade, to a large extent the trade-in color TV.

    Experts said that the current appliances new ones, new ones not just an ordinary color TV, "new ones", for most consumers is the "CRT to a flat in the" big upgrade big new ones. According to research analysis shows that the major cities in eastern China, and markets more than 9 percent of people want to replace the new type of flat-panel TV. Among these, the majority of consumers the original holders of CRT TVs. These consumers to upgrade TV replacement is a major problem after the upgrade flat, CRT TV's "processing" problem.

    At this stage, China's home appliance recycling system is not perfect. CRT TV and other electronic waste will be disposed of often broken will cause serious environmental. CRT TVs often contain high levels of lead, nickel and other heavy metals, and many can be content, can be made of toxic chemicals. Leakage of these substances will have on soil, water and other serious damage. Currently, most ordinary people selling used appliances to some "board Lord" and "black" waste electrical suitor. These businesses tend to use "whichever is Lee, not deal with its evils" approach to discarded appliances, and cause a serious waste of resources and environmental threats.

    In this context, the State introduced appliance trade activities, not only meet the real needs of consumers, but also to improve the entire chain of electrical appliance industry. Appliance businesses and consumers by encouraging legitimate and reasonable treatment of waste electrical products, and thus a virtuous cycle of industrial value chain.

    It is understood appliance trade activities have been launched in many parts of the country. TV products based on brand, the different applications, consumers can get 50 yuan to 200 yuan a product discount. Among them, some of the discount brand of products is as high as 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan as much. Some consumers that the products never thought could be eliminated so "valuable", "old-fashioned antique but also when the real money to spend."

    TM is not only bad music consumers, but bad music manufacturers. Domestic color TV enterprises as the leading TV manufacturers have to answer the national call to develop their own detailed "trade plan." A well-known TV brands, said their "discount" standard was significantly higher than the national reference standards are given, and even they are losing money depreciation.

    But industry experts believe that the money-losing TV business is unlikely to engage in trade-in activities. To get high discount high-end products are mainly used to redeem a large-size flat-panel TV, the high price of these products itself, high profits, manufacturers can benefit by giving up a small part of the way, so that consumers can see the surface more The "discount." Experts, this argument has also been part of the consumer's identity, they think a manufacturer would not discount out of CRT products to 1,000 yuan, "this price is enough to buy a new product the same."

    Experts advise consumers do not need the depreciation charge for the number of the old color TV and swimming. Is important that consumers recognize their redemption of the product price is right. If the product should not have high prices, companies are willing to give old products a higher discount price certainly is a good thing for consumers. However, if overpriced enterprise products, consumers can choose other products, or other brand products.

    At the same time, the experts also expressed the hope that every TV companies ignore the profound purpose of the national trade-in policy, this piece of good riding out the real implementation of the Waste Management Department in the real, must not play "both ends of the price game", so only in the long run damage to brand reputation and image.

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